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No More Tailgating With Zima

Posted by Dave On October - 23 - 2008

Image via WikipediaOh, Zima. You had a good run but now it is time to turn the page. officially introduced in 1993 (1992 in smaller test markets) by Coors, Zima was the first alcopop to hit the market and has since spawned others like Mike’s Hard lemonade, Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi Silver. Now comes news that MillerCoors ceased production of Zima nearly two weeks ago (Oct. 10 to be exact) and expects to ship the last orders in December. That means you’ll still be able to find Zima probably into next baseball season. (Since the stuff doesn’t sell very well, probably even longer than that.)

A brief history on Zima; even though it was the first to enter the “malternative” segment, it never gained that all important brand foothold to be a success. To be honest with you, Zima always had that girlie stigma attached to it. Not sure, but I seem to recall seeing tons of sorority girls at tailgates in college slugging down Zima with a Jolly Rancher candy dissolving at the bottom. (I am sure that reference is showing my age.)

After failed attempts to make drinking Zima more manly they finally embraced their girlish reputation and tried to add electrolytes to it for a more feminine appeal.

Based on recent sales numbers and the decision to discontinue the brand, I doubt there will be a public outcry from the tailgating faithful asking, “where’s the Zima?”. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Is there anyone out there that tailgated with Zima on a regular basis? ***crickets chirping*** That’s what I thought.

H/T to: Hop Talk, Tasty Booze and Beer Therapy

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2 Responses to “No More Tailgating With Zima”

  1. Krissy says:

    WE LOVE ZIMA! Ands will be having a Zima retirement party with all our friends and all flavors of Jolly Ranchers on hand. Long live Zima…thanks for getting me through the rough times…

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    […] Boone’s Farm and MD 20/20 in the bed of a pickup outside the football field or chugging Jolly Rancher infused Zimas on the beach after school. I was 14, eager for new experiences, and in […]





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