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Yankees Tailgating Grill

Posted by Dave On April - 6 - 2010

We all know football is king when it comes to tailgating but please do not tell that to hard core baseball tailgaters who are applauding the opening of the baseball season as I write this. Regular readers of this site are very familiar that since customizing my own tailgating grill to San Diego Chargers colors, I have been asked by others to customize their own Margaritaville Tailgating Grills to match their school or favorite team.

Since then we have customized a Texas A&M grill, a grill themed for the Miami Dolphins and even a Chicago Bears customized tailgating grill. (All of these grills start out as Margaritaville Tailgating Grills, the ones you’ve seen advertised on TV that ride on the outside of your car to and from the game, that swing away from your vehicle once parked.) The most recent grill to get the TailgatingIdeas.com custom job was for a die-hard New York Yankees fan. Take a look at the photos below and you can see how this one is just a little bit different than the rest. (Click on the images to view full size for greater detail.)

New York Yankees Tailgating Grill

As you can see in the photos, this grill is different. All of the other football grills did not include the traditional baseball pin stripes the New York Yankees are so famous for. The pin stripes you see on this grill are the exact width and color of a Yankee pin stripe that would appear on Derek Jeter’s uniform. The pin stripes are exactly 3/32 of an inch wide and the white space between each pin stripe is 27/32 of an inch. Those are the exact specs of an official Yankees uniform. Thanks to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch Blog who was instrumental in finding out the exact specs of a modern New York Yankees uniform.


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2 Responses to “Yankees Tailgating Grill”

  1. Mason Dixon says:

    I hate the Yankees, but that’s extremely well done.

  2. buckyeffingdent says:

    beautiful; from a red sox fan.





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