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Cornhole at a tailgate party is a staple. You’d be hard pressed to take a walk through any tailgating parking lot and not see someone tossing bags at a cornhole board. The problem with standard cornhole boards is they can be big, bulky, heavy and take up too much room in your car. If you are willing to sacrifice “authentic” cornhole play for something more lightweight and takes up less space, MyKornhole might be for you. (Click on images to see full size.)

As you can see in the photos, MyKornhole boards are made of heavy duty corrugated cardboard with slots and flaps to fold into a cornhole game board. The boards, when fully assembled, measure 4′ x 2′ just like a regulation competition cornhole board. The design on the top comes in three choices, Blue & Orange, Black & Gold and Blue & Red.

Now the folks at MyKornhole are quick to point out that these cornhole boards are not a replacement for your regulation cornhole boards that are made with wood, glue and screws. MyKornhole boards are merely a fast and convenient option for easy set-up and take down. They can easily be recycled making them one less thing you have to pack and haul home after the tailgate is over. Also, since the boards are shipped unassembled and flat, the box of two MyKornhole boards take up about half the width inside your vehicle compared to two wooden cornhole boards. Take a look at this video of the boards being assembled and some game play.

I had a chance to sample a pair of MyKornhole game boards and I was quite surprised at how well they performed. After all, think about it. You are essentially playing cornhole on a folded box.

The first thing that I noticed is that when the cornhole bag lands on the MyKornhole board, it tends to bounce. It doesn’t bounce high, but there was a definite bounce. Also, I tested the MyKornhole boards on both a hard surface (asphalt) and a softer surface (grass). Seeing how asphalt and grass are the two most common surfaces you will find people tailgating on I figured this would be an adequate test.

On the hard surface, the MyKornhole board tends to “scoot” as a result of the bag impact. So if you are a stickler for having the distance between the two boards remain consistent, this will drive you nuts. After all eight bags were thrown, I would estimate the board probably moved back about six inches. So you may want to use a piece of chalk and mark the ground along the front end of the board and replace it after each round of bags. The MyKornhole boards performed much better on grass. There was noticeably less bounce upon impact and there was very little scooting of the board on grass. Here’s an additional video to see the MyKornhole boards fully assembled.

A set of two MyKornhole Game Boards will cost you $19.95. A set of bags are not included in that price but can be added to your order during the checkout process. Eights bags will cost you $9.95 and bag colors correspond to the available board color options, Blue & Orange, Black & Gold and Blue & Red.

The folks at MyKornhole want their product to get in the hands of real tailgaters so they gave me a set to give away to one of my readers. So if you would like one of your own MyKornhole boards for free, all you need to do is pay for the shipping. (Because of the size of the box, shipping will be around $19 to go UPS or FedEx.) Leave a comment below telling me you would like the MyKornhole game boards for free (comes with black and gold bags) and we’ll send you either a Google Checkout or PayPal invoice to pay for the shipping. Indicate whether you prefer PayPal or paying via credit card in your comment. Good luck.

To learn more about MyKornhole game boards or to buy a set of your own, visit mykornhole.com

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3 Responses to “MyKornhole Boards: Lightweight & Portable Cardboard Cornhole Game”

  1. Pete says:

    What a great idea! I would love to try one out. Paypal is my preferred method of payment. Thanks!

  2. Pete says:

    What a great idea! I would love to try one out. Paypal is my preferred method of payment. Thanks!

  3. Tim Wilkins says:

    That’s a pretty cool idea. You could even put stickers on them to customize them.





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