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Booze ‘N Cruise While Tailgating

Posted by Dave On September - 23 - 2007

There you are tailgating and you want to see how your tailgate party set up compares to others. How can you possibly cover the entire parking lot on foot to see what the tailgating competition is up to? It will take hours to go up and down every row to make sure you did not miss something. Plus, you definitely do not want to be too far away from your next beer. What’s a tailgater to do? Get a Cruizin Cooler and you can booze and cruise your way through the entire parking lot.

you will definitely be the talk of the tailgating parking lot if you show up riding the Cruizin Cooler. It can cool your drinks, carry you around the parking lot and even reach speeds of up to 13 mph! It’s pretty durable and can support up to 300 pounds.

The Cruizin Cooler combines two basic necessities of tailgating; the ability to have cold food and beverages handy along with a way get around the tailgate party without walking. The Cruizin Cooler is light-weight and comes in various sizes and colors. (black, blue, red, white or yellow) It is available in gas and electric models too. The gas powered models offer a 33cc/2-stroke or a 39cc/4-stroke motor. For those of you that want a quieter ride or are just trying to save the earth, there are also 300 Watt and 500 Watt electric models available. The electric models have a range of about 10 miles while the gas powered Cruizin’ Coolers have approximately 30 miles in them.

The Cruizin Cooler is mobile and can be driven to a location and then unloaded with a little assistance. These coolers come with no assembly required and are ready to be filled with your favorite tailgating beverages. Other accessories are sold separately including a second cooler that can be towed behind your Cruizin’ Cooler. Other accessories include a seat cushion and seat back for a more comfortable ride, a weather proof cover to protect it from the elements and a sturdy lock and cable system to keep your cooler safe and exactly where you left it last.

If you want one, you’ll have to order one online. The Cruizin Cooler is not available in stores.

Get your own Cruizin Cooler HERE!

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