Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #95: Jenn Sterger Edition

Internet savvy people know the name Jenn Sterger. If you have internet access and like women, Jenn Sterger is a familiar name like Denise Milani or Allison Stokke. So why are we chosing now to make her the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper? Well, in addition to turning a brief mention by Brent Musburger in 2005 into a sideline reporter job for the New York Jets and then a co-anchor position for The Daily Line on the VS channel, she allegedly was the target of some lewd text messages from none other than Brett Favre. According to the folks over at Deadspin, Favre, while with the Jets, thought it would be a good idea to send cell phone pictures of his junk to Sterger. (Maybe that’s considered flirting in Mississippi, I don’t know.) Whether the rumors are true or not, it was rather quiet on Sterger’s Twitter page for the first 12 hours since the Deadspin article hit. Sterger is quite the active tweeter so for her to maintain strict radio silence on the Twitter was rather out of character for her. No matter what comes of this story it was high time we gave Ms. Sterger her proper place as a Mid-Week Eye Candy girl. Links to follow:

Jenn Sterger

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