Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #94: Celebrity Softball Edition

Earlier this week was the MLB All-Star Game held in Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Since I live in Orange County, Calif. I had a number of offers to either go to the game or the other exhibition events surrounding All-Star week. Unfortunately, none of the people offering me tickets were offering them to me for free. One friend could get tickets to the Home Run Derby in outfield seats where home runs would land. Price tag? $200 per seat.

Are you kidding me? 200 bucks to essentially watch batting practice? No thanks. And I heard that tailgating was severely limited, even more so than normal at Angel Stadium. Had I been offered the opportunity to buy tickets to the celebrity softball game, knowing that Marisa Miller was going to do her best to make pants tighter, I may have considered it. Then again, limited tailgating is normally a deal breaker for me. The good news is that the photos of Ms. Miller turned out nicely. Links to follow:

Marisa Miller Celebrity Softball

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