Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #91: USC Song Girl Edition

You probably have heard the NCAA dropped the hammer on USC pretty hard regarding illegal activities and lack of institutional control. The football and basketball programs came under scrutiny surrounding the times when Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo were playing there. So in honor of the changing landscape that will be happening over the next few years, here is something consistent you can count on. USC Song Girls will always be welcome in the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper. Links to follow:

USC Song Girl

• Follow Tailgating Ideas on Twitter
• Omaha Police say College World Series Tailgaters Setting Up Too Early
• A gallery of hot girls boozing it up
• Guy Fieri is looking for more Tailgate Warriors
• Here’s your CWS Omaha itinerary
Tailgating, Rustenberg style
• Ground broken for tailgating space at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis
• The Perfect Salsa Recipe for Tailgating Parties
• U.S. Open at Pebble Beach to feature some high-end tailgating
• Rosenblatt Neighborhood Ready For College World Series and tailgating
Fast Fish Tacos
• 25 Pictures of the USC Song Girls
• You’ve heard the vuvuzelas, now check out the 7 most annoying props that fans use at sporting events
• A gallery of Hot women with the Stanley Cup
• Quick Guide to Different Bourbon Styles

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