Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #82: Stogie Smokie Edition

I thought I would dedicate this week’s Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper to one of our dedicated and talented writers. It was about a year ago today that Chris Klinkner became a regular contributor and writer for this website. He brings an east coast and more specifically, a Philadelphia slant to the website which counter balances my obvious west coast leanings. Chris also is fond of a good cigar, whether it be in the lot at the Linc after an Eagles win or on his back porch with his dad. If you have followed his contributions you know he is no stranger to the pleasures of smoking a stogie. So in honor of his one year anniversary of writing for us, this one is for you Chris. Keep up the good work.

Hot girl in lingerie smoking a cigar(For more Cigar Smokin Hotties, visit Coed Magazine)

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