Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #75: Mrs. Naughty Claus Edition

Christmas is just days away. Here’s hoping this Santa Claus visits your tailgating space rather than that fat guy that stinks of curdled milk and stale cookies. Links to follow the eye candy. Merry Christmas.

• Follow Tailgating Ideas on Twitter
• 100 Pictures Of Hot Girls Tailgating
• “Commissioner of Tailgating,” Joe Cahn to host new show on TLC “Tailgate Takedown.”
• Top Five Christmas Beers
• Switchfoot to play BCS tailgate party
• “Snow Beer Pong” Mother Nature’s Seasonal Gift
• Saints Fans Tailgate Win Or Lose
• Know Your Bowl Game Tailgating Policies
• Who’s got the better tailgating coeds?
• 13 Things a Man Should Keep in His Car
• Update on which celebrities will attend the BCS Championship Tailgate
Tailgating is an Art Form
• Kate Hudson Played Beer Pong With Jimmy Fallon
“Beer Sphere” Wins Tailgate Contest
• 7 Beers That Sound Expensive But Aren’t
• A Vikings Fan’s Tailgating Adventures
• Cooking with Steam, using the Can Cooker
• Food Safety Tips for College Students
• Buy A Piece Of Pabst Blue Ribbon
15 Sexy Christmas Cheerleaders
• Christmas Gifts NOT to Get Your Girlfriend

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