Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #69: World Series Edition

If you have been paying close attention you may have noticed we skipped the Weekend Wrap-up last week. No, it wasn’t because I was too hung over or just being lazy. (although those would normally be good guesses.) The reason why we skipped last week and had subsequently been a little light on the updates this week was because I was down for the count with H1N1. Yes, that’s right. The Swine Flu. It’s not just all media hype either. This little bug was a bona fide ass kicker and put me out of commission for a few days. So due to not being able to drag myself out of bed and get to the keyboard has been the reason for the light updates.

Even though I was down for the count the last few days doesn’t mean I was oblivious to events going on around me. I was conscience enough to know the World Series opened which means there are only a few precious days left to post images of beautiful women dressed in baseball garb. It may be getting cold outside but this gal will surely warm you up. Links following the eye candy…


• Follow Tailgating Ideas on Twitter
• WUSA says Redskins Management prohibiting tailgate interviews
• Just in Time for Halloween, College Logo Jack-o-Lanterns
• The family of FAU guard David Matlock takes tailgating so seriously that they built a rig big enough to feed an army – or a football team.
• You just know baseball players have hot wives and girlfriends (WAGS) so why not a WAGS of the 2009 MLB World Series Pictorial?
• New television show hopes to determine the best collegiate tailgate
• Enter These Tailgating Contests
• Jex creates Web site to help navigate tailgating tents at Ole Miss
• College Students Told To Bring Their Own Cups To Beirut Games To Prevent Swine Flu
• Packers Fans Enjoy Tailgating Baghdad Style
• The Hottest Coaches Wives in College Football
• 5 Tips for Smarter Tailgating
• 8 Tailgating Snacks Under 80 Calories
• Meet the ‘Masters of the Tailgate’
• Tailgating… The Colorful History of America’s Biggest Sporting Pastime
• Want to take tailgating to a whole new level?
• USC: Where the tailgate wags the dog
• Tailgating restrictions at football games — necessary safety measures or total buzz kill?
• The Meat House — Tailgating alternatives
• Diehard tailgaters enjoy ultimate new playground
• Tailgating: The New Picnic
• NFL tailgating culture fails to impress a diehard CFL fan

Cover Your Bass

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