Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #56: Brooke Banx Edition

I am an avid reader of DonChavez.com. (Some content NSFW) So when I came across photos of Brooke Banx I was naturally intrigued. Don knew very little about her other than it appears that she gets paid to be hot. By the looks of her refrigerator she doesn’t eat all that often. A bag of ice, a few Coors Light cans in the door, what looks to be some energy drinks, etc. is all I could make out in the fridge. So as the temperature this summer continues to rise be mindful that although Brooke Banx looks good doing it, let’s use this photo as an example of how not to cool off. It’s wasteful and for crying out loud, will make your beer warm. Now on with this week’s links:

Brooke Banx

(Photo of Brooke Banx courtesy of Don Chavez)

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