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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #129 – Sandra Kubicka Edition

Posted by Dave On October - 9 - 2013

If you are an NFL tailgater or just a fan that watches on TV, you probably noticed the color pink on the players uniforms this past week. Even the referees had turned in their traditional yellow penalty flags for pink flags this past weekend. (Although the pink penalty flags are only a one week thing because the flags and pink towels that fell off of players were too confusing.) The reason for all this pink is because October is breast cancer awareness month. And because we want to get in on the act, we thought what better way to raise awareness (and a few other things while we are at it…) than to choose Polish model Sandra Kubicka decked out in pink NFL gear as our eye candy. You’re welcome and links follow the eye candy…

Sandra Kubicka

Sandra Kubicka

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