Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #126: Abigail Ratchford Edition

Let’s be honest. We have nothing witty to say about Abigail Ratchford. We wish we could come up with something that ties her to tailgating or the tailgate party lifestyle but we got nothing. Let’s hear it for honesty once in a while. I guess our future in politics is blown… Links following the eye candy.

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Tailgater’s Guide to the Crimson and Gray Game
• Lombard gives Bears fans go-ahead for tailgate parties
Tailgating at the Grove Bowl
• Penn State Blue-White Game tailgaters happy to be in Happy Valley, regardless of weather
• Davis Cup bringing excitement, possible tailgating
A party of gastronomical proportions
• Gay Polo Tournament returns with high-goal pros, stylish tailgating
• Fans can tailgate before Kenny Chesney show
Pack Healthier Tailgating Snacks
• Top Tips for Tailgating Keeneland
• Tiger fans enjoy tailgating near the stadium during Auburn A-Day
• 10 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Home Tailgating Experience
• North Dakota State Bison Tailgating Is Back
5 healthy recipes for spring tailgating
• Maryland Editorial: Open up the tailgate
Tailgating the Krishna Das Concert
• Sneaker Report Suggests the 10 Healthiest Foods for Tailgating
• USC Trojans Football Tailgating: Uniforms, Beer and Grills
• Mets fans have another reason to be upset: Cops to crackdown on tailgating at Citi Field

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