Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #124: Jessica Vaugn Edition

Right off the bat, we need to issue an apology. The apology is the lack of updates and content being added to TailgatingIdeas.com for the past two weeks.

Although it would be nice to blame our lack of activity on drinking too much while attending Epic Beer Fest in San Diego, that would not be true. The truth of the matter is our lack of activity was due to our fearless leader, yours truly, being a monumental dumb ass.

Long story short, in an effort to clean out some files and photos that I thought were unused, I deleted them and ended up screwing things up pretty badly. The big issue was the inability to post new content and when you are running a blog, kind of hinders your ability to, well, blog. But the good news is thanks to our wonderful web hosting company, we are back up and running and able to post photos of Jessica Vaugn. Links following the eye candy.

Jessica Vaugn

Photo courtesy of jessicavaugn.com

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