Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #121: Operation Shave Megan’s Head Edition

Even if you are a casual follower of the NFL, you have probably heard that Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano is currently battling leukemia. Many of the Colts players have shaved their head to show support and solidarity for Pagano in his fight against leukemia. The support is spreading and even one of the Colts cheerleaders, pictured below, accepted the challenge.

The Colts mascot, Blue, issued a challenge that if he could raise $10,000 by the Nov. 25th game, he wanted to shave the head of a Colts cheerleader. The cheerleader that accepted was Megan M and if enough money is raised by the deadline to fund cancer research, Megan will get her head shaved at halftime of the Colts vs. Bills game.

Hats off to Megan for accepting the challenge and here is a good look at her with hair because with the support for Chuck Pagano coming in waves, it looks as though her hair is almost a certainty to be shaved off. Links following the eye candy.

Colts Cheerleader Megan M

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