Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #120: Chandella Powell Edition

Even though NFL and college football are in the middle of their seasons and everyone seems to associate tailgating with football, there are a lot of other sports out there that people like to tailgate. Although those “indoor sports” like hockey and basketball do not tend to get as much attention as being popular amongst tailgaters, those sports do get their fair share of pre-game partiers in the parking lot. Another arena sport that people tend to tailgate is MMA. Outside of the athleticism displayed by the athletes in the octagon but the ring girls are becoming well known as well. Recently, Complex.com put together a compilation of the 25 Hottest MMA Ring Girls complete with a photo gallery. Last year we made UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer the subject of one of our Mid-Week Eye Candy wrappers and it is high time we feature another MMA ring girl. This time around we are featuring Chandella Powell who ranked No. 8 according to Complex.com. At any rate, be sure to check out their list plus our tailgating links following the eye candy.

Chandella Powell

Image of Chandella Powell courtesy of Complex.com

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