Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #118: Jaime Edmondson Edition

Wait, stop me if you have heard this one before. To celebrate the first full week of the NFL returning and being able to tailgate games that actually matter, we are bringing back Playboy Playmate of the Year Jaime Edmondson in San Francisco 49ers gear. Why 49ers gear? Well, we could have gone with any one of the 32 team Jaime Edmondson was modeling over at Playboy.com and we now realize the number of you reading this has dropped off dramatically seeing how you are all probably gone and looking at the gallery in the link we just provided. But for those of you still reading, we chose the 49ers because they looked awfully good this past Sunday beating the Packers on the road at Lambeau Field. Not an easy task even in September. So because of that strong showing, we thought it would be an appropriate homage to the niners and their impressive win. So now that we have gotten that out of the way, after the eye candy, you’ll find some fun and interesting links about tailgating, the tailgate party lifestyle and other things you tailgaters might find humorous and thought provoking.

Jaime Edmondson 49ers

Photo Courtesy of Playboy Magazine

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