Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #116: Kenny Chesney – Marisa Miller Edition

Although the vast majority of tailgaters out there are men, we do get quite a few women tailgaters visiting our website. Sometimes we get emails asking us why we don’t include a little eye candy for the lady tailgaters. Well today is the day.

But, we will also continue to pander to our base, the men out there. Today before we bombard you with links of news stories all about tailgating, we have for your viewing pleasure Kenny Chesney for the ladies and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller for the gentlemen. Chesney not only appeals to the ladies but his fan following in the tailgating parking lots prior to his shows is only rivaled by the legendary Jimmy Buffett. And the inclusion of Miller, well, that only needs to be explained by saying, “it’s Marisa Miller in boy shorts and a bra!”. Links follow the eye candy for both the men and ladies.

Kenny Chesney-Marisa Miller

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