Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #115: Chrissy Teigen Edition

This time of year for tailgaters is an exciting time. The NFL Draft is upcoming and the NFL just released their schedule for 2012. NHL playoffs are underway, NBA season is getting close to the playoffs and baseball season is still early in that even the Cubs are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet. (Cheap joke, I know.)

With all of those things going on, tailgaters should rejoice in that the spring and summer concert tours are cranking up as well. Of course Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney are touring but other big name artists like Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, KISS, Madonna, Van Halen and even Neil Diamond are touring this summer. So to honor the concert tailgater getting geared up for some great music and some great times in the parking lots, we thought the best eye candy would be Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen looking very snappy in her coolest concert garb. An attractive young lady delivering beers at a concert never gets any complaints. The links follow the eye candy.

Chrissy Teigen

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