Mailbag: Much More Than a Game Seeks Tailgaters

Ohio State Iron ManA few days ago we received an email from a gentleman by the name of Brooking Stapleton from a television production company called Sportsbrand Media Group. He was looking to get in touch with Kenny Johnson, a.k.a. Pinto Ron, considered to be the Buffalo Bills biggest fan. (Back in September 2010 we did a post about Pinto Ron’s tailgating style Not Welcome Anymore at the Buffalo Bills main parking lot.) Mr. Stapleton figured we might have a way to contact Kenny Johnson but unfortunately, we do not. Despite not having Pinto Ron’s contact information, an email conversation ensued discussing the plans for an upcoming television series focusing on sports biggest fans. The series will be called “Much More Than A Game”.

The fans they have chosen to include are passionate about their particular team. The production company wants to take it one step further and wants to have an episode where they focus on the love and passion we tailgaters bring to the parking lots when it comes to pre-gaming. We would agree that being a hardcore fan of a particular team makes the experience much more than a game. We also would argue that the tailgating we do prior to the event makes our experience much more than the game itself. Take a look at the promo video they have put together for an upcoming episode.

So if you think you have what it takes to be considered a hardcore tailgater that tailgates to the level of insanity that those fans in the video exhibited towards their team, contact Brooking Stapleton via email. His email address is: Brooking [dot] Stapleton [at] sportsbrand [dot] tv

(Make sure to remove all the [] and make it into a valid email address. We did this to prevent spammers from overloading Mr. Stapleton’s inbox.)

Good luck and hopefully you get picked as a super tailgater for their TV series.

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