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Mailbag: Help A Tailgating Gamer Win A Contest

Posted by Dave On October - 30 - 2009

So I got this email today from a guy that could use a little help with his business. His business is the website www.TheDayOfGames.com which focuses on many tailgating games you’ve seen out in the lots. Maybe you guys can take a look at the email he sent me and see if you agree that he should be the one with the money to start his own company.

Hey Dave –
You and your readers are the reason I started my company.  Tailgating and boozing.

I think your readers would appreciate and be glad to lend a hand.  Who doesn’t like tailgating and beers? I have started a leisure sports (tailgating) company that obviously involves games that can be played with one hand so you can hold your beer in the other (cornhole, bocce, ladder toss, etc.).  The company is a finalist in a business plan competition and the final round involves online voting.  $100,000 in grant money is up for grabs.

I am in 4th place behind companies that sell fancy suits, face cream, and women’s shoes.  This is total BS. I’ve launched the full Facebook and email assault but I desperately need your support!

Please check it out and see if you think The Day of Games is worthy of a quick blog post and vote recommendation.  People can vote once per day and from several IP addresses. Anything to crush this ridiculous competition!


With this grant money I would be able to establish this new tailgate brand and then I’ll be in touch regarding sending you some shwag to check out.  If it can be played at a tailgate – I plan on selling it!

Thanks! I’d love your help!!


So do you think he would be worth a vote? They won’t even ask you for an email address so why not help a tailgater out?

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