Mailbag: Grill Brushes & Vehicle Cleanliness

I received this email earlier today and thought it might make for a good post. I’d also encourage many of you to weigh in and offer up suggestions on how you would handle this reader’s problem regarding dirty grill brushes and keeping your car clean. Just leave a comment at the bottom if you have a better tailgating idea. The email comes from Kevin:

Love the blog. Great tips and some cheesecake photos to boot.

Do you guys have a recommendation for a good portable grill brush? There are plenty of grill brushes out there, but how/where do you keep yours without getting grease all over your other supplies or your car?

My email back to Kevin went like this:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reading and great question…

Me personally, I use the grill brush that came with my other grilling tools that fit into a 10 Pc. Bbq Grilling Tool Set with Aluminum Case. When I am done for the day and packing up, I wrap a few paper towels around my grill tools that I have used that day (including my grill brush) and place them in a gallon freezer ziplock bag. I then take a rubber band and wrap that around the “working ends” of the tools and leave the handles outside of the bag. I then place that bundle on the floorboards of the backseat of my SUV or in the cargo area. It isn’t cutting edge or ground breaking but it keeps all the grilling tools in one location and makes for easy retrieval when you get home. You just bring them all in the house and put them in the dishwasher after rinsing them off. Hopefully that helps.

So now that you have read how I do it, do you have a better tailgating idea? Leave a comment below and let Kevin and everyone else know how you do it.

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5 thoughts to “Mailbag: Grill Brushes & Vehicle Cleanliness”

  1. I bring a small storage bin that I purchased from Home Depot. When I am done using grilling utensils, food utensils, bowls, cups, etc.. they all go in the bin. Then I can snap a lid on it, throw it in the back and easily retrieve it to bring the items to the dishwasher. The bin can be hosed down afterwards.

  2. Honestly I just save up the plastic bags that I get from the store every time I got and use those. If you are worried about them tearing just double or even triple the bags.

  3. I just purchased a short grill bursh from Walmart or Meijer and cut our part of the top of a quart “Gatorade” bottle, leaving the entire bottom area intact.

    Once I’m done cleaning the grill, i simply put the brush in the bottle and wrap it all up in one of those plastic, biodegradable grocery bags and tuck the ends into the bottle with the brush. I then can just throw the whole thing in my tailgating tub and I’m good to go for the next weekend. Simple, easy, & cheap!


  4. Guys – All really great tailgating ideas on how to handle this problem. Thanks for leaving a comment and I would encourage more if anyone has a better way of doing this.

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