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Jacuzzi Tailgate Party Bus on eBay

Posted by Dave On November - 2 - 2009

You may be familiar with our series of Righteous Rigs we have featured on here that shows how far some tailgaters will go to decorate their tailgating vehicles. Now you can get one of your own just by being the winning bidder on eBay. How does a converted school bus with a jacuzzi in the back sound for your next tailgate?

It’s currently on sale on eBay Motors and as of press time, the current highest bid was only $1,285.00. The seller is advertising it as a no reserve price so no matter how low the highest bidder comes in at, they will drive away with it.

From the eBay description the jacuzzi fits seven people and sits on a 1994 Ford/Thomas chassis and powered by a Cummins 5.9 Liter Intercooled Turbo Diesel engine. The bus includes a 6-speaker sound system, interior painted with Wildfire FX blacklight luminescent paint. (the same paint that blue man group uses.) The jacuzzi is heated with an ingenious yet simple heat exchanger that utilizes heat from the engine coolant to heat the Jacuzzi water. It requires about an hour of driving to heat the water to 103 degrees. To keep water from sloshing out of the tub, there is a pair of holding tanks that hold about 100 gallons of water. Moving water to/from the holding tanks is a simple process. What happens when water does slosh out of the Jacuzzi? The stock bus floor is made of marine grade plywood covered in non-slip rubber, so any water that inadvertently escapes from the Jacuzzi simply finds its way out of the bus through drain holes. In the photos it appears there is carpet on the floor. In fact it is outdoor carpet and it is just a runner that goes down the center isle and can simply be removed for easy cleaning/drying. The odometer currently reads about 68,000 miles, but will probably have a few hundred more miles by auction end because the seller states they plan on using it until the auction ends.

Six days remain in the auction so you have some time to bid on this bus. Auction is scheduled to end November 8, 2009 and 14:41:45 PST. View more of the bus photos and to bid on it by going to eBay Motors.

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