iPhone App Keeps Track Of Your BAC

If you have an iPhone and enjoy an adult beverage every now and then while tailgating, you need to pay attention. There is a free iPhone application called the Last Call which monitors your blood alcohol content (BAC) to help you stay under the legal driving limit. Simply input your drink of choice and your weight and Last Call calculates the rest. Even better is if you overdo it on that last game of beer pong, Last Call will bring up a directory of local taxi companies to come take your drunk ass home. It also will bring up local attorneys who specialize in DUI defense cases but I would suggest the cab option is the better choice. Much cheaper and less life threatening than driving drunk.

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One thought to “iPhone App Keeps Track Of Your BAC”

  1. That sounds like a very bad idea to me. First off a lot of people are going to forget to input each and every drink…and really how fun is that when you are out having a good time. Might as well be dieting. Secondly, if you do end up doing something stupid after having too many there will be a record online showing you knew how much you’d had to drink. That’s not even mentioning what happens if the company sells the info to insurance companies, employee background checks, creditors, etc. I’m all for safe drinking but there are better ways to be responsible…like drinking less ;-)

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