HotHands Hand Warmers Review

HotHands Hand Warmers BoxDespite all the global warming alarmists telling us that the earth will spontaneously combust into a ball of fire in the next few years, don’t tell that to the tailgaters in western New York this week. The epic snowstorm in Buffalo is on track to set a record…. IN BUFFALO! Even though the snowpocalypse may descend on many parts of the country before the football season is over, that won’t stop die hard tailgaters from braving the elements to grill up some burgers or give some brats a proper Viking funeral.

Just because we tailgaters will go out in weather that is not fit for man nor beast, does not mean we have to handle it like savages. We recently discovered HotHands hand warmers and Toasti-Toes foot warmers and put them to the test.

The first thing you need to know about HotHands hand warmers and foot warmers is that they are disposable and react to the oxygen in the air when taken out of the packaging. The oxygen combines with the contents inside the packet and causes a chemical reaction that gives off heat for about 10 hours. That’s plenty of time for even the longest of cold weather tailgates. Simply remove the packet from the outer packaging, give the packet a shake to expose the contents to the air and they will begin to heat up immediately. The entire process will probably take about 20 minutes for the packet to reach the full heated potential and will stay that way for the duration. While the heating process was taking place, we placed the HotHands hand warmers in our pockets to maximize the heating efficiency. We also could have inserted them into a glove as well.

When using the HotHands, we noticed the heat level was comfortable enough to keep our hands warm but not too hot that it was uncomfortable to hold them directly on our skin. Conversely, the temperature was not too low either that they wouldn’t make a noticeable difference. The heat level the HotHands hand warmers produce was just the perfect amount that it was not too hot or too cold and was a comfortable temperature.

When the HotHands started to lose heat intensity before the 10 hours were up, we just removed the packet from our pocket and shook the contents around a bit. Apparently the packet wasn’t getting enough oxygen in our pocket to keep the chemical reaction going. We exposed it to the air again to get the reaction going and then put it back in our pocket.

HotHands Hand Warmer Specs:

  • Small size (2.25″ x 4″)
  • Packaged in pairs
  • Produce heat (130F)
  • Portable (No wires or batteries)
  • Odorless
  • Nontoxic, nonflammable

Toasti-Toes Foot warmersAfter noticing that the chemical reaction and the heat it produces reduces when the oxygen level is reduced, we tested to see if we could extend the life of the HotHands packets if we didn’t use them the entire time. After about four hours of exposure to the air, we took the HotHands packet and placed it in a plastic zipper bag and took out as much air in the bag before closing it up. The following morning we took it out of the bag and shook the contents to see if the packet would warm up. Indeed it did and we were able to get two uses out of one HotHands packet.

When tailgating, warm hands is one thing but cold toes is a whole different ball game. Nothing makes tailgating in the cold more miserable than if your toes feel like icicles at the ends of your feet.

HotHands also makes toe warmers too called Toasti Toes. Toasti Toes are a packet similar to the hand warmers but instead of being a rectangle shape they have a rounded toe and adhesive backing. They are designed to function in the low oxygen environment of boots and shoes so you don’t have to keep taking them out and exposing them to the air to maintain a constant heat. All you do is simply stick the warmers to the outside of your sock, under or over your toes, and you now have about eight hours of warmth on your little piggies.

Toe Warmer Specs:

  • Size: 5 in x 4.25 in
  • Maximum Heat: 115 Degrees
  • Average Temperature: 97 Degrees

After thoroughly testing the HotHands hand warmers and the Toasti Toes toe warmers, we are going to give them the Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” stamp of approval. They worked well and lasted quite a long time. We enjoyed the fact that they could be reused if you did not use them the entire duration. They are made in the USA which is a plus and also the price was perfect, especially for a one-time-use, disposable item.

For more information or to buy a box of your own for your next tailgate party, visit:

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