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Game Day Eats Hellfire Habanero Sauce Review

Posted by Dave On May - 3 - 2010

Back in December 2009 we did a product review on Gameday Eats’ line of sauces. The website, Gamedayeats.com has the most comprehensive library of grilling and tailgating recipes on the web so you know these guys know tailgating food. If you read the product review of their Wing Sauce Especial and BBQ Boss Sauce you know they do not scrimp on the spice and flavor in these sauces. Now comes along Hellfire Habanero Sauce to round out the trio of sauces created by Game Day Eats. True to form, the newest addition did not disappoint nor did it hold back on the spice and kick the other two have.

Those of you unfamiliar with the habanero pepper need to understand that it is one of the hottest peppers out there. It is not to be taken lightly so when this sauce was based with this type of pepper I knew I was in for some heat. Granted I grew up in San Diego and love hot and spicy food. While other kids grew up eating Sonic Drive-in burgers I spent my formidable years eating carne asada burritos and tacos al pastor. So it is safe to say I like my food and sauces with a little more kick than others. That said, Gameday Eats’ Hellfire Habanero Sauce was hot and spicy but not overpowering.

Sometimes you’ll get a hot sauce that is just trying too hard. We’ve all had them. The chef is trying to impress someone and just throws in as many peppers as he can to prove a point he can smoke out even the most seasoned spice-a-holic. That is not the case with this sauce. It is hot, don’t get me wrong, but in a flavorful way. It doesn’t overpower your food but compliments it. When taste testing it, I was going over in my head all the different types of foods it would compliment. I immediately thought of foods like Cajun jambalaya, red beans and rice, chili, chicken wings, pizza and all the normal “hot sauce” types of foods. I like the taste of Crystal brand Louisiana Hot Sauce but Game Day Eats Hellfire Habanero was better. If you like Tabasco Sauce, you definitely need to try Hellfire Habanero Sauce. I’d be surprised if you bought another bottle of Tabasco again after trying this sauce.

My wife likes hot sauce almost as much as I do. I knew we had a winner in the fridge when on multiple occasions she asked me, “Do we still have any of that habanero sauce left or did you eat it all?”. She has been enjoying it as much as I have and she has been using it to spice up rice and pasta and vegetables.

A quick reminder to those tailgaters planning on picking up a jar or two of Hellfire Habanero Sauce, the product comes packaged in an old school mason jar. Tailgating parking lots that do not allow glass bottles or jars might make it difficult to bring along this sauce. No matter what tailgating rules you are needed to abide by, a jar of Hellfire Habanero Sauce will run you $7.50 a jar. I would suggest getting the Gamedayeats.com Sauce 3 Pack complete with Wing, Habanero and BBQ Sauces for just $16.00. It’s essentially getting a third jar of sauce for just a dollar.

Check out all the sauces offered by Game Day Eats by visiting their online store at Gamedayeats.com.

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