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But, Wait! Lemme Explain….

Posted by Dave On August - 28 - 2008

So yesterday was the NFL Juice Blogger Fantasy Draft. Unfortunately, things did not go so well. I was unable to join the draft on time due to a meeting and the Yahoo! Sports Auto-drafter really killed me. Yeah, it selected 6 quarterbacks included a number of second stringers. Now I can explain this…

I am member on a committee that is examining the potential to reinstate the defunct football program at Cal State Fullerton. (We even have our own website, BringBackTitanFootball.com)

When I pre-ranked my players, I only pre-ranked about 75. I figured I would have the first few rounds be on auto-pick based on my rankings and then I could take over. The meeting went a little longer than expected. By the time I was able to draft live, the draft was in the second to last round. I guess you can never assume these things and my sorry team was a result of it.

I also want to give a huge shout out to Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard’s Hot Clicks. He outted me pretty good but I definitely deserve all the ridicule that comes my way. Thanks Jimmy, but you better promise me when I beat you head-to-head in week 7 you recognize that a sorry auto-drafted team beat you.

I guess I will look forward to a season of hanging out at the bottom of the standings. Who knows maybe Matt Gutierrez will really catch fire this season…. Ugh!

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One Response to “But, Wait! Lemme Explain….”

  1. sean1525 says:

    Last season we had a poor sap who for whatever reason could not log in for the draft. Anyway – about 7 rounds into the draft Yahoo! started picking kickers for him – he ended up with 12 kickers. It was unreal…





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