Fail Stickers Help Shame Your Tailgate Party Guests

Do you have a tailgating friend who always tends to get overserved and pass out before game time? Want to teach them a lesson with a little good natured ridicule? Your public shaming prayers have been answered with the Fail Sticker.

FAIL Stickers - Publicly call out real-life FAILS

If you have spent any amount of time on the internet you have probably seen something posted on where someone is falling down or something is a result of incredibly dumb thinking. The big huge letters FAIL typed across the photo indicates someone screwed up badly. Now you can bring that to your next tailgate party with these stickers. Off the top of my head I can think of two great ways to use these stickers.

1) Slap one on the face of anyone passed out from too much alcohol consumption. Snap a few digital photos for posting on Facebook.
2) Stick one on the backs of opposing jersey wearing fans without their knowledge. Hilarity ensues unbeknownst to them.

If that wasn’t enough incentive, here are a few more selling points.

  • Clear Background – The real-life equivalent of typing the word onto the picture. This meant no useless backing to the sticker.
  • Correct Font – The best FAILS on the Internet used the Impact font because it’s the biggest and boldest of all the free Windows standard fonts.
  • Perfect Size – At 6″ wide and 3.5″ tall, the FAIL sticker is the perfect size for most applications. It is legible up to 200 feet away and easy to carry.
  • Proper Color – Staying true to the original Internet FAIL, these stickers use white text with a black stroke. It’s the most readable on just about anything you stick it on.

So there you have it. Shame your friends or opposing teams’ fans with your very own FAIL sticker. A 5-pack sells for $5, but a 50-pack sells for $25. (Just in case you have a lot of drunk friends.)

You can find your own FAIL stickers at, where else,

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