Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #6: Kimberly Lansing Edition

Normally when I choose a girl for the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper I have a few criteria I try to uphold in the face of blatantly displaying gratuitous T & A. I try to make sure she is attractive and that the photo is relatively timely for the time period. Last week I chose Donna D’ Errico because she was wearing a red, white and blue bikini that looked like an American flag and with the July 4th holiday a few days, it wasn’t much of a stretch. With that said this week’s eye candy is none other than Kimberly Lansing. The World Series of Poker is going on right now in Las Vegas and if there was ever a reason to display a hot girl with a gorgeous rack poker face, it would be Kimberly Lansing. Make sure to check out mychillpill.net for a complete gallery of Kimberly Lansing playing poker. Now on with the links…


One final note, big thanks to Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard for the link love on Monday’s Hot Clicks to the Tow Hitch Kegerator post. Let’s do it again sometime soon.

Did we miss anything? Have an article or a blog that should be included in the next wrapper? Drop us an email and tell us about it.

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    Bonjour! The babes are here! This is my favorite site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot.