Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #53: Natalie Gulbis Edition

I don’t pay too much attention to golf. Mainly because you really can’t tailgate it. Also, you have to be quiet all the time. That’s definitely not my style. If a camera shutter in Tiger Woods’ back swing makes him go ballistic, I am sure me doing keg stands in the gallery off the 9th fairway would be frowned upon. The reason why I bring this up is because it’s raining at Beth Page Black for the U.S. Open this week. So that got me to thinking about golf. Thinking of golf got me to thinking about Natalie Gulbis. Thinking about Natalie Gulbis got me in a great mood. So I am passing along my mood enhancer, Natalie Gulbis, to you. I’d make sure to be quiet just while watching her warm up. This week’s links follow the eye candy.


Cover Your Bass

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