Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #50: Julie Henderson Edition

I try to make it a point to interview hot women when I can. I’ve interviewed July 2008 Playboy Playmate the Month Laura Croft. She loves tailgating. I had the chance to chat with Eileen Craker, Miss Freedom Grill 2009. She also likes tailgating. Unfortunately (for me and not for you) I was unable to interview Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Julie Henderson. I have no idea if she likes tailgating because the guys over at Flisted.com didn’t ask her about tailgating. They did ask her thoughts on partying with models, nude photo shoots, LL Cool J, and how you too can date a model. To read more about Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Julie Henderson, go HERE. This week’s links follow the eye candy.

(Photo of Julie Henderson courtesy of Flisted)

Cover Your Bass

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