Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #5: Independence Day Edition

Last week’s Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #4 included a prize element in that I challenged you all to guess the hottie. The guys over at Freedom Grill (rather appropriate considering the holiday approaching) successfully identified the young lass in the photo as none other than Alexis Texas. (Google her at your own risk because most of the results are NSFW.) Good work guys even though admittedly you had to do a little Googling of your own. I guess the company policy on NSFW images on the Freedom Grill computer network is not that strict. Then again, these guys go tailgating full time with a freaking grill hanging from their trailer hitch. I would imagine a lot of their corporate policies would reflect the relaxed attitude you need to have when tailgating. Alright, enough chit chat, how about some links along with a little eye candy of former Baywatch Babe Donna D’errico?


(Photo courtesy of The World of Isaac.)

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