Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #44: Post-Tax Day Edition

Yesterday was probably one of the most hated days on the American calendar. The day your taxes are due. Like most of us I procrastinated getting mine in. My tax guy may have even filed for an extension, I am not sure. I guess when the IRS comes knocking I’ll figure it out. Also the highlight of yesterday was all the politicos on TV using the term “tea bagging”. Oh sure, they thought they were referring to lots of Americans using tea bags as a symbolic gesture of the Boston Tea Party to send a message to Washington that they are overtaxed. Excuse me if I hear the term “tea bagging” and don’t think of the frat house prank one would pull on a passed out brother. If you are unaware of what this is in reference to you probably do not want to know. If you are so brazen, head on over to Urbandictionary.com and figure it out at your own risk. Slightly NSFW so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And for those that did pay your taxes on time and are feeling a little patriotic that your taxes are going to a worthy cause, celebrate with a little sexy Aunt Samantha. Links after the image…

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