Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #30: Sadie West Edition

It’s Christmas time but that doesn’t mean I am taking the day off. If you take a gander at Sadie West as one of Santa’s little helpers you’ll know why I stayed up late hoping to get a glimpse of the fat man tonight. Instead of some milk and cookies, being the true tailgater that I am, I left out some smoked brisket and beer for Jolly Old Saint Nick. I am sure he’ll appreciate the variety by the time he hits my house. Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy Sadie West and the links…

(Photo of Sadie West courtesy of The Beer Goggler. Click on the photo to see more of Sadie West.)

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One Response to “Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #30: Sadie West Edition”

  1. <path_to_url> snow43

    Sadie, you are so beautiful, it makes me wonder why you are in this business. What will you do when you are 30?