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Gas pump rapeWhen you think of essential tailgating gear you will need to go tailgating, images of grills, pop-up tents, folding chairs and ice chests immediately leap to mind. Unfortunately the most important piece of tailgating gear is forgotten. Your vehicle that gets you to the stadium is paramount. Without it you wouldn’t be able to get to the game or concert and you can’t really tailgate unless you park and then start the party.

All too often the tailgating vehicle is an afterthought when it comes to tailgating. More than likely your tailgating vehicle also doubles as your grocery getter, your means of getting to and from work and if you have kids, serves as a parental taxi to bring kids to practice, piano lessons or to school. When tailgaters think of saving money on tailgating gear they want a killer deal on their next grill but don’t consider even bigger savings can come from their vehicle sitting in their garage.

Since starting this tailgating lifestyle blog back in 2007, I tailgated out of the back on my 2005 Lincoln Navigator. I recently sold that vehicle and bought a 2012 Nissan NV Van that not only gives me more cargo room for tailgating gear but affords me the space to take my kids to school, to practice and also I can load it to the gills with product and take it to my local swap meet on weekends. The new van considering the size is not too bad on fuel mileage. The owner’s manual said 12 MPG all the way to 16 MPG was the high end of what is to be expected. Because I do an even split of city and highway miles, my personal MPG average was about 13 MPG. The reason why I am sharing all of this is because I recently tested and reviewed Envirotabs in this vehicle and needed to establish a baseline fuel consumption in order to conduct a thorough and fair review.

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I first became aware of EnviroTabs last month when gas prices here in California went through the roof. We were told the reason prices at the pump jumped so high and so quickly was because refinery and pipeline mishaps sent wholesale prices to all-time highs. Most stations were selling a gallon of gas for nearly $5 and other stations were already above the $5 threshold. I was on my personal Facebook account and was lamenting filling up at such highway robbery prices. I saw on my news feed, a friend of mine from high school was touting these things called EnviroTabs that claim to increase your MPG. Faced with the daunting idea of paying $5 for a gallon of gas, I contacted him and asked him to tell me more.

In layman’s term and simplifying a very highly technical process, my friend told me EnviroTabs are a burn rate modifier. By putting them in your gas tank your car will burn gas more efficiently and will burn more in the power stroke and less in the exhaust stroke. That sounded all well and good but I was still a little skeptical. After all, aren’t any of these octane boosters you can find at gas stations and auto parts stores doing the exact same thing? I did some research and visited the website to learn a little bit more as to how these are different.

Basically, EnviroTabs are these small green tablets that dissolve in any type of fuel. Once dissolved, EnviroTabs do not modify or alter the fuel in any way. They use the fuel as a delivery system to get to your combustion chambers. Once there is an organometallic metal conditioner that acts as a combustion chamber catalyst. That sounds like a lot of technical mumbo jumbo but in basic terms these little tablets change the surface-heat-absorption characteristics of metal. By doing this, the thin coating inhibits the transfer of radiant heat which is the No. 1 reducer of efficiency. This means your engine is creating higher-combustion temperature, greater expansion, and more power with reduced emissions. By increasing the burn in the combustion chamber (rather than as after-burn), performance can be increased, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Heat recovery is the single best method that can reduce harmful emissions, increase fuel economy, improve engine performance, and extend oil and engine life. Here is their instructional video explaining how these work.

The side effects of this increased efficiency was great in that I was expecting lower fuel emissions and was potentially saving on maintenance costs but the main reason I wanted to try EnviroTabs was the money I was going to save at the pump. I had my friend send me a test drive package to see if they really work. (I paid him for the test drive pack, by the way.)

I followed the directions and did a double dose on the first tank as per the instructions. I recorded the mileage that I started with and drove normally until the tank was nearly empty. I then filled up again and recorded the new mileage. I did the math and found out that on my first tank of gas using the EnviroTabs I had increased my mile per gallon to 17. That’s an increase in an extra four miles per gallon. My Nissan NV Van has a 26 gallon tank so four miles per gallon may not seem like that big of a deal but in a 26 gallon capacity tank, that adds up. I basically was able to go 100 miles further on one tank of gas using the EnviroTabs than had I not been using them. And at an average of 13 MPG I was getting before using the EnviroTabs, the extra mileage translated into a savings of about eight extra gallons. Those eight gallons as it relates to what I was paying at the pump, at the sky high prices of $5 a gallon during that mini-gas crunch, I saved about $40.

I then got the brilliant idea that I would pop an EnviroTab into the gas tank of my portable generator. I figured if these little green pills help my car’s engine burn gas more efficiently, why not my tailgating generator? By doing this I was able to run the generator for longer on a single gallon of gas than when I wasn’t using them. For tailgaters, the savings can come back to help you out in two ways that you are burning less fuel in your car and in your generators once you park. Think of the possibilities for you RV tailgaters out there with huge, monster capacity fuel tanks. Before you ask the question, yes, EnviroTabs work in diesel engines as well.

Based just on the simple fact I had to fill up less frequently, went further on one tank and the ability to save some money at the pump, I am going to determine that EnviroTabs are definitely “Tailgate Approved”.

To try them out for yourself, visit MyEnviroTabs.com

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