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The GrillipedeLast month you may have noticed we here at TailgatingIdeas.com added a new sponsor, Dixie Grillworks, to the four square ads you see at the top of the website. So technically they are not a “new” sponsor and if you haven’t checked out their products yet, you really owe it to yourself to do so. They have some of the most unique stainless steel grill accessories dedicated to charcoal grills only. Just a few examples include:

The Grillipede – Dixie Grill Works’ best-selling item is the Grillipede, a roasting rack for cooking stuffed jalapenos and chicken drumettes on a grill. The Grillipede can also be flipped upside down and used to suspend kabobs in place so they don’t stick to the grill or get scorched by flare-ups. They make The Grillipede in sizes suitable for everyone from casual tailgaters to big time caterers. The standard size can hold 25 peppers/drumettes, the Grillipede PRO Jalapeno Roaster accommodates 36 peppers/drumettes while the Grillipede JUMBO Jalapeno Roaster handles 72 peppers/drumettes at one time.

The Traveller Grill – Although it has only been on the market for about a month, the Traveller Compact Grill has become an instant hit. This grill has an integrated receiver so that it can be transported to the game using a simple trailer hitch connector. You can cook with it while it is attached or quickly remove it for table top or ground level grilling. Although it is only a tad larger than most of the popular compact grills on the market, the Traveller Grill weighs in at around 50 pounds because of its super rugged construction. It is all stainless steel and includes stout cast iron grates for the charcoal bed and the cooking surface. This grill does a fantastic job of searing in flavor and the damper on the lid lets you control the flame for smoking and lower temperature cooking. Depending on who you ask over at Dixie Grillworks, the grill was either named for Robert E. Lee’s stout and trusty horse or those “to go” cups you get at bars located near stadiums where original containers are banned. By the way, did I mention it is sturdy and heavy duty constructed? Check out this YouTube video that showcases The Traveler Grill’s ability to handle the weight of a Land Rover.

The Bacon BossBacon Boss – Dixie Grill Works also offers a clever stainless wedge-shaped gadget called the Bacon Boss that lets you cook bacon on your grill and catches the grease in built-in trays. The unique wedge design allows you to cook bacon on your grill without taking up too much space and leaving room for other foods to be cooked. The Bacon Boss comes in two sizes, The Original Bacon Boss is 10″ long, Bacon Boss PRO is 20″ long and the Bacon Boss JUMBO measures 30″ in length. That is plenty long enough to cook more than a pound of bacon.

Luau Grill – Dixie’s best known product is The Luau Grill. This grill was described as looking like “a cross between a stainless steel casket and a wheelbarrow”. The Luau Grill is basically a jumbo charcoal powered pressure cooker with a built in smoker. The grill enables anyone to cook a whole pig hassle-free in a fraction of the time of conventional grills. Although there are popular wooden (yes, a grill made out of metal covered wood) Cuban-style roasting boxes out there, the Dixie Grillworks version is designed for the serious caterer or parking lot show-off. It’s roomier and all stainless steel with a whopping 1,536 square inches of cooking surface that can be used while the pig is inside. It even has high temp insulation to trap heat in (like convection grills a.k.a. the Bubba Keg Grill) so you can cook a large pig in less than four hours using only one bag of lump charcoal.

The Luau GrillRegarding Dixie Grillworks as a company, all their products are made from 100% stainless steel in the U.S.A. at their Alabama manufacturing facility. On July 4th 2008, company founder Mike Schuerer decided in a margarita-induced haze that there was a shortage of premium stainless steel grill manufacturers dedicated to charcoal grills only. The next week he formed Dixie Grillworks. Mike had already taken time to investigate local natural-flame cooking techniques while traveling in Belize, China, Guatemala, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Thailand. His friend, Harold Davis, had previously been involved in the manufacture of barbeque trailers while his family had operated a successful barbeque restaurant and catering service. Over the course of numerous camping, fishing, hunting and kayaking trips, Harold and Mike had compared notes on grilling methods, smoking techniques and equipment design for years. Mike’s company built industrial ovens based on Harold’s designs, so the transition to grills wasn’t hard. With the help of his hard-partying employees, Mike launched the Dixie Grillworks website and started hitting regional tailgating parties, BBQ contests and special events.

So make sure to check out Dixie Grillworks and let them know you heard about them and their line of products from TailgatingIdeas.com.

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