Dad Deserves It

Oh what to get good old Pops on the weekend that is Father’s Day?  Wait, with all the crap that Dads put up with at the job and at the home, shouldn’t every weekend be Father’s Day weekend? I’d definitely vote for that.

Back to the gift.

It’s easy, so don’t go screwing it up with a tie.  Don’t go getting a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant; that only means another dinner out with mom.  Don’t go all technology.  9-5, Monday through Friday is enough stress for one man. Dad doesn’t need to be coming home and stressing over where to insert the batteries in the 50-in-1 remote control.  The key is to go simple.  The key is to go tailgating.  The key is to take care of yourself as well.   The ultimate key is to show your love for the big guy!

True, I am writing this post the day before Father’s Day.  So what, the best gifts can be picked up on the way to Dads today or tomorrow on Father’s Day.

Yep, I am talking about a 6 pack, a cigar or a steak.  Hell, you could probably even grab a single beer from your fridge, a pack of matches from your junk drawer, or even an open bottle of steak sauce.  How are these the perfect gifts?  Easy.  It’s because it will fill Dad with excitement about an upcoming tailgate with his son (or daughter) or think about past tailgates that were totally perfect with his son (or daughter).

Tailgating is the ultimate, best father and son (or daughter) experience.  It’s just you and your hero.  It’s escaping from the everyday stressers.  It’s pure happiness from good food, good drink, and good cigars.  It’s not getting angered from a crap performance by the home team because there is still the post game tailgate to look forward to.

So to all us kids, I demand you to make this a tailgating Father’s Day.  Dads have already and will continue to sacrifice so much for us.  The least we can do is to give him another perfect afternoon or evening of tailgating with their kid.  And if you are a believer of karma, if you do it for your dad, your kid one day will return the favor to you.

Pure happiness and the perfect thank you to Dad this weekend is a gift that says tailgating.  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.  May this weekend be filled with one more tailgate for you.

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2 thoughts to “Dad Deserves It”

  1. Chris, great post. As a guy who’s dad passed in 2000 I wish I could take him tailgating one last time. By the time I had really gotten into tailgating he had already been gone for a number of years. So I would urge all of you who still have your dads to take them tailgating. They’ll love it and you will always have those memories.

  2. As Chris’ Dad, I say Right On and Thanks!

    What better way to spend a day than hanging out with the family and tailgating, or in our case yesterday, bbq’ing, even if I ended up maning the grill to cook the steaks and shrimp. And, then, some real tailgating this coming Friday before the Phillies game (game tickets complements of Chris and Joann). PERFECT!!

    Oh, sure, that little red BMW or the 27 foot Bayliner would have been nice (and Father’s Day isn’t over yet, and I’m sure that at least the Bayliner dealer is open today), but they would have been just something else to have to take care of and stress over. The only thing to possibly have to stress over at a tailgate / bbq is running out of beer (never happen) or over cooking or under cooking the steaks, and at least for me, you can never under cook a steak. I like mine Rare! So just good, plain fun!

    Anyway, thanks to Chris, Joan, Joann and Angela for a really great day, and I’m looking forward to part 2 on Friday.

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