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Customize Your Propane Tanks

Posted by Dave On October - 7 - 2009

By now you have probably seen the video on how you can customize a Margaritaville Tailgating Grill into a grill with your own team colors. All it took was a few cans of spray paint, masking tape, screw drivers and an afternoon and I had customized the grill to a San Diego Chargers themed tailgating grill. But since doing that I had some leftover paint as you might expect.

I was looking for something else I could customize into Chargers colors when after publishing my Don’t Get Cheated! Refill Instead of Exchanging Propane Tanks post it dawned on me. I am no longer going to those propane exchange places to get my propane replaced. Why not take ownership of the propane tanks I already have and make them my own? The grill is already Chargers themed… why not the propane tank that fuels it?

As you can see by the images above, I chose to paint the handle around the propane valve Chargers Yellow/Gold. The cylinder itself was painted Chargers Navy Blue and since The TankSetter is already yellow, all I did was screw it onto the bottom of the tank. (Of course fans of other teams can paint The TankSetter to their own team colors.)

So how did I get the Chargers logo to wrap around the tank body? That was the simplest part. I had some leftover decals from the Skinit Tailgate Pack that I was sent as a sample to try out. I just peeled it off the backing and stuck it to my propane tank just as I had done with the others on my car.

Now you have no excuses for showing up to your next tailgate with a regular old, white propane cylinder. Customize it to your team colors. As a bad ass tailgater, even the way you fuel your grill can show the world you are your team’s No. 1 fan.

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One Response to “Customize Your Propane Tanks”

  1. Sweet G says:

    Have you had any trouble getting that filled? Some places won’t fill painted tanks.





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