Tailgating Video: Cool Toss Tailgating Game

I came across this video of a tailgating game called Cool Toss. From what I can gather it looks like a bastardized version of cornhole using cooler tops instead of game boards with holes in them. Apparently the creators of this game rolled out the coolers before the Baltimore Orioles opening day at Camden Yards, gathered a crowd, offered up some free beer and rolled the old video camera. They even have a website as you might have guessed, CoolToss.com.

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4 thoughts to “Tailgating Video: Cool Toss Tailgating Game”

  1. Looks like an awsome game, cornhole in a cooler. Nothing better then having your beverage and game all in one.

  2. We went to the final four this weekend in San Antonio and saw Cool Toss there too! What a great way to tailgate – beer and fun all in one!

  3. Excellent game. Why didnt I think of this? its the perfect tailgate game. HOW DO I GET ONE?

  4. This is the greatest idea I have seen in a long time and I met the guys that came up with this idea, they are just as FINE as the game!!!!! Loving it in San Antonio!!!

    Stay COOL, Cool Toss Crew

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