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College World Series Tailgating – Day 1 Report

Posted by Guest On June - 19 - 2010

Earlier in the week we put out the call for guest blogger to file reports from Omaha during the college World Series this week. This particular College World Series is extra special because it is an end of an era. Rosenblatt Stadium is hosting it’s last CWS because next year a new downtown Omaha ballpark will open and be the new host site for the CWS in the future.

Aaron Rich has been tailgating outside “the Blatt” for 10 years now and stepped up to the plate and will be filing daily reports from Omaha. Rich is not a native Omahan but rather from Colorado. He tailgates prior to Denver Bronco games and Air Force Academy games but considers those tailgates as merely a way to hone his tailgating skills and warm-up for this week in Omaha.

For those that don’t follow the College World Series that closely or you may have missed the news report on New Tailgating Rules For College World Series, not only is this the last year for Rosenblatt but many new rules have been implemented. Most notably are the rules surrounding parking and tailgating. Take a look at the photos (click on each for larger view) that Aaron took from outside Rosenblatt this morning and then read his report.

Day No. 1 of the College World Series is here and so are all the tailgaters. They changed the rules this year and put a fence around the parking lot this year. You also don’t get to pick your parking spot like in years past. This all leads to one thing… get up early and get to the park.

So today starts at 4:30 am to finish loading the last things that go on top/back of car. Then we stopped for ice and then it was on to the park. We got here around 5:30 am and we are about where I was in line last year when I got here at 6:15 am.

This is not the change in the line I was expecting. In the past you could save parking spots so the rest of your group could show up later in the day. I had figured more groups would be showing up early to make sure they have all the space they need.

I’m about 100 or so cars back. Gates don’t open until 8 am.

More picture and updates to come.

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