Tailgating Video: CigarFest 2008

One of the coolest things about tailgating is that it is not just an activity reserved for sporting events or concerts. If there is a gathering of some sort and there is a parking lot, you can tailgate it. A great example is tailgating before a cigar convention and expo. One of the guys connected to CigarFest 2008 was roaming the parking lot of the Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania talking to people tailgating before the doors opened. CigarFest 2008 was put on by Cigars International and they even posted a photo gallery documenting the tailgating. I guess those soon to be stricken with lip and throat cancer deserve to have a good time tailgating before their doctor’s test results come in.

(Edit: I have already gotten some emails asking about the T-shirt the guy is wearing about 1 minute into this video. You can get your own Dikfore T-shirt HERE.)

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  1. That’s not a bad concept. I like to smoke a cigar once in a while, but the next morning I really regret it.

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