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Exclusive Interview With The Mayor Of FedEx Field

Posted by Dave On August - 3 - 2008

The Mayor of FedEx FieldLove him or hate him, you have to admit that when you think of the Mayor of FedEx Field and the Dead Tree Crew, you immediately think of tailgating. The Dead Tree Crew (the DTC as they have abbreviated it) has been the subject of write-up in DeadspinMr Irrelevant, videos on YouTube and in January the DTC was the opening feature on HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumble. The Dead Tree Crew’s tailgating style may be controversial and their reputation is not always the kindest but it is undeniable they have a passion for the Washington Redskins and tailgating.

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with one of the leaders of the DTC, Chris Ferrarese, who calls himself The Mayor of FedEx Field. In this exclusive interview, The Mayor was in Canton, Ohio for Hall of Fame weekend and discusses why the DTC dislikes Eagles fans the most, the fallout of being the focus of an HBO piece and how he envisions himself wearing a pig nose and a flowered dress five years from now. Read the rest of this entry »

Tailgating Video: Phillies Louisville Chugger

Posted by Dave On July - 29 - 2008

A poorly executed Louisville Chugger before a Philadelphia Phillies game. Kudos go out to the video editor for excellent use of the Benny Hill theme music.

A Collection Of The 12 Best Leon Budweiser Commercials

Posted by Dave On July - 27 - 2008

leon_bud_ad.jpgThis past week marked the opening of NFL training camps. Of course we saw a handful of prima donna players failing to report to camp because the multi-million dollar contract they signed two years ago apparently is not enough to feed their family. That got me to remembering those “Leon” commercials Budweiser was airing a few years back. You probably remember Leon as the self-absorbed athlete, speaking in the third-person, that was more concerned with his appearance and endorsements than winning a game. In honor of getting a little honesty back in our lives here is a collection of the 12 best Leon commercials.

Note: At the bottom, read more about the actor who played Leon and subsequently was traded for 60 cases of beer. Seriously… Read the rest of this entry »

Tailgating Video: Cool Toss Goes Preakness Tailgating

Posted by Dave On July - 24 - 2008

Back in April we introduced you to Cool Toss. It’s kind of like cornhole but uses coolers instead of boards with holes in them. We even posted the video of the product roll out on the Baltimore Orioles opening day at Camden Yards. Well, apparently they made their way to the infield of The Preakness and did another video…


iPhone Applications Help You Tailgate Better

Posted by Dave On July - 24 - 2008

Image via CrunchBaseIf you have an iPhone you probably already know that the numerous applications you can place on it are extremely popular. And it is about damn time they start to create iPhone applications that can come in handy at your next tailgate party. Do you really need to update your myspace page while tailgating? Doubtful. But what if you have some hottie asking you to mix up a batch of Scarlet Buccaneers and you need a refresher on the recipe? iPhone app Pocket Mixologist to the rescue.

This handy application contains over 1,500 drink recipes and even has a search function. You can search for drink recipes based on types of alcohol included, cocktail category, taste and even situational recipes like non-alcoholic drinks or breakfast drinks. You need to download the app using iTunes and it will run you under $10. This application is compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPod touch. See a demo at Cocktails DB.

That’s one application that is actually useful. iBeer is just for fun and it will make your iPhone appear to look like a mug of beer. If you tilt the iPhone, the beer inside will shift from side to side much like a real glass of beer. If you shake the iPhone, the foam will rise giving you a bigger head on your iBeer. Want to see it in action? Of course there is some guy on YouTube giving you a demo on how it works.




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