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Tailgating Video: There Was Tailgating In Beijing?

Posted by Dave On August - 26 - 2008

Apparently tailgating is not just an North American phenomenon. This report from WBAL shows there was tailgating going on during the Olympic Games in Beijing. Who knew?

Tailgating Video: Air Guitar Using A Tailgating Table

Posted by Dave On August - 26 - 2008

We’ve all probably heard about, seen it played or played it ourselves the video game Guitar Hero. Here is a guy tailgating at a Nascar race that has taken the “sport” or air guitar to a whole new level. It really picks up at the 0:45 mark.

YM Sports Grates Take Your Tailgate To The Next Level

Posted by Dave On August - 22 - 2008

I have been blogging about tailgating for over a year now. Very rarely do I come across a tailgating accessory that makes me say, “Oh my God! That is the coolest thing ever!” Well, today was one of those rare days. I discovered YM Sports Grates and you guessed it, they manufacture stainless steel grill grates with your Alma Mater’s logo laser cut right into them.

(click on images to see larger view.)


This concept is the brainchild of Matt Yarder, a 26 year old, fourth generation metal fabricator from Toledo, Ohio. Yarder comes from a long line of metal fabricators starting with his great grandfather who started the company in his garage in the 1920’s and 30’s. Matt’s great grandfather made tool boxes and sold them to the auto workers on the corner of Tiger Stadium. Now, nearly 100 years later, Yarder Manufacturing is now offering these custom grill grates to tailgaters and sports fans alike.

purdue_grill_grate.jpgThe size of your grill does not matter and YM Sports Grates can make grates to fit grills as big as 36″ wide and 30″ deep. They even make round grill grates for those of you that do not want to give up your old charcoal grill. The way it works is you measure your grill, plug in the specs, tell them your favorite college and they will make a grill grate to fit your grill perfectly.

I measured my gas grill in my backyard to see what the cost would be for my own. A 25″ x 18″ rectangular grill grate (I chose LSU for the hell of it) was $134.99 + $15.95 shipping. Larger sized grill grates are more expensive than the example I just provided. Obviously smaller grill grates are less expensive. And yes, they can make a grill grate to fit into your Freedom Grill.

All grill grates are constructed using solid ¼” thick 304 stainless steel rods welded to a 10 gauge plate of 304 stainless steel. Each logo is completely lasered through the stainless plate to produce a perfect image.

Right now Yarder Manufacturing has licensing agreements with 14 NCAA Universities and more are on the way. Tailgaters from Ohio State, Michigan, LSU, University of Florida, Purdue, Michigan State, Miami (Ohio), University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Bowling Green, Toledo, Georgia, Wisconsin, Boise State and Marshall all can order right now. More on the way include Minnesota, University of Miami, Kentucky, Auburn, Southern Miss, Nebraska, Penn State, Notre Dame, Florida State, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma. Fans of other schools can also suggest which colleges should be added to the list to gain licensing agreements. They even have plans to tackle licensing agreements with the NFL, Nascar and even Harley-Davidson.


In addition to the current NCAA teams and the more to come, Yarder Manufacturing can also make a personalized grill grate. Whether it be your company name and logo, your initials monogramed or just your family name, Yarder Manufacturing will put it on a grill grate no problem. Check out their personalized page to see how a grill grate would look with your name on it.

Here are a few videos from local news stations showcasing YM Sports Grates.

If you are considering taking your tailgate to the next level, a grill grate from YM Sports Grates is the way to do it. If you want to win that tailgating competition this little accessory will surely tilt things in your favor. Check out ymigrate.com to get your own or call (888) 475-5478 for more information.

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Washeroos: A New Bounce On The Old Washer Toss Games

Posted by Dave On August - 17 - 2008

washeroos_single.jpgYou’ve seen cornhole, original washers, horseshoes, single hole washers, blong ball and all other types of tossing games while tailgating. I’ll bet you have never seen Washeroos. This new tailgating game is a lot like single hole washers with a twist, er, I should say ‘bounce’. Washeroos is different than any other type of washers tailgate game in that it incorporates a suspended, bouncing rubber mat in it’s design. That means a washer that lands on the top of the mat can potentially be bounced in by the following washer. Every washer tossed has the potential of falling in the hole. This makes for competitive games, great comebacks and thrilling finishes.

I had the opportunity to check out Washeroos and here is my video review.

If you skipped the video, in a nutshell I enjoyed this game a lot. I had so much fun playing this game I am adding it to my list of regular gear to take tailgating. The construction is top notch, made right here in the U.S.A. in Columbus, Ohio, and they are easy to transport and set up. They also take up less room than standard cornhole boards in your vehicle on the way to tailgate.

The basic rules and scoring are a bit different as well. The ultimate goal to winning is to score 21 points and win by two. A washer landing on the mat is one (1) point, a ‘leaner’, washer on the mat and hanging over the hole is two (2) points, and a ‘ringer’, falling into the hole onto the grass or asphalt is three (3) points. Scoring is all or nothing meaning only one player or team can score points per round. The player with the most points in each round adds that amount to their total score. The other player gets no points added to their total score. If the score happens to be tied in a round, it is considered a “push” and neither team receives any points.

washeroos_complete.jpgYou’ll notice that in the video that we took turn tossing our washers. That was done to demonstrate the way the Washeroos boards provide bounce and play during the game. (It would have been boring watching me miss all four of my washers in a row.) In a normal game, one player tosses all four of his/her washers, leaving them where they fall. The next player then tosses all four of their washers. Where the washers finally land after all players have taken their turn is where they are scored. washers may bounce off the grass or asphalt onto the unit, be knocked into the hole by another washer or opponent’s washer, get knocked off the board by a washer, etc. It really doesn’t matter how the washer gets there as long as the players toss their washers from 20 feet away. A complete list of rules for 2 player, 3 player and teams of two is included with each Washeroos game.


tailgator_sunshade_001.jpgNo matter what time of year you are tailgating, you’ll need some protection from the outside elements. Nothing ruins a tailgate party more than rain. During summer and early fall tailgate parties you to have shade or you will melt right there in the parking lot. Every tailgater thinks they have to go out and get one of those 10′ x 10′ Pop-up canopy tents for some much needed shade. Now there is a cheaper, faster, lightweight and easier alternative called the Tailgator Sunshade. (Click on images to see full size)

The Tailgator Sunshade is a lightweight tailgating canopy that provides the same amount of shade as those EZ-Up tents but requires only one person to set up, is less bulky, packs lighter and is less expensive. The concept is the Tailgator Sunshade attaches to your SUV tailgate and uses those flexible, folding poles you would normally find in a camping tent. Rather than go into tremendous detail on how to set up the Tailgator Sunshade, just watch the 2 minute video to see how easy and fast it is to set it up. (Plus the girl doing the demo is MILFtastic.)

I set up mine using our Lincoln Navigator and I discovered that our lift gate is not metal. It is actually fiberglass. Of course, the long magnet would not stick on the fiberglass tailgate but it did not matter. The tension created by the bungee cords was enough to keep the Tailgator Sunshade firmly in place.

tailgator_sunshade_vs_ezup.jpgOne of the major advantages the Tailgator Sunshade has over other portable canopies is it takes less space during transport. It lays flatter and is shorter than a 10′ x 10′ canopy when folded and is a lot less bulky. It is also much lighter and leaves a lot more room in your vehicle for more important stuff, like, you know, beer.

I didn’t put a clock on myself but I would estimate that it took me about three to five minutes to set up the Tailgator Sunshade all by myself. You can set up an EZ-Up by yourself but it takes a little more time and effort doing it solo. I would imagine set-up of the Tailgator Sunshade would have gone faster had I had a second person inserting the flexible poles in one sleeve while I was doing another. If you are normally the first one to the parking lot and then the rest of your tailgate party joins you later, you need a Tailgator Sunshade.

patsgame1.jpgSo here is the tale of the tape. The Tailgator Sunshade provides the same amount of shade/rain protection (approximately 100 square feet) while being lighter and more compact during travel and easier to set up than traditional pop-up canopy tents. All that and it sells for less than $140 shipped to your door. I’m sold.

You can get your own Tailgator Sunshade directly from our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com. The Tailgator Sunshade sells for $119.99 plus $20.00 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the United States. For the mathematically challenged, that’s $139.99 out the door. Click HERE to buy your own Tailgator Sunshade




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