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Tremor by DreamWave

What’s a good tailgate without good music? Even if you have the most awesome playlist, what good is it if nobody can hear it? Ensuring your tailgate party has the best music is always a guessing game as to what the people will like the most. Making sure they can hear it and in mind blowing high quality is a no brainer.

We recently tested out Tremor by DreamWave. It may look like a rugged boom box but it is a lot more than just that. The Tremor is a 50w full activity sport speaker with a 20 mAh power bank. What does all that mean? It means that you don’t always play Mettalica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” but when you do, the rest of the parking lot does too.

Most outdoor speakers lose sound quality as the volume goes up. Not with this unit. We took it tailgating to the Cal State Fullerton Baseball game and turned it up. I mean way up. As we reached peak volume, other tailgaters from quite a few parking stalls away walked over to see if we had some sort of a DJ speaker system. Nope. Just a Bluetooth connected Tremor by Dreamwave.

Before taking it to the tailgating parking lot, the first thing we noticed about The Tremor was how rock solid and sturdy it was. I wouldn’t suggest trying to drop it and kick it around but it definitely can handle being packed in a tailgating vehicle and being brought out to a few tailgates.

Pairing the Tremor was quick and easy too. It’s equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC for easy pairing with your mobile music devices. If one Tremor is simply not enough sound to rock your tailgate party, you can connect and pair two Tremors together at once to provide double the sound for the ultimate Hi-Fi experience. We mentioned the rugged construction earlier but it is worth noting the IPX5 protects against water/dust/sand/snow and comes complete with a portable design with a sturdy shoulder strap.


  • 50W Premium Audiophile Performance Sound System
  • IPX5 Water/Dust/Sand/Snow Protection
  • Connect 2 Tremors Together At Once
  • Bluetooth CSR 4.0 + EDR, A2DP AVRCP, APTX
  • 20,800mAh Rechargeable Battery (Power Bank)
  • Play time: Up to 20 Hours (8 Hours Max Volume, Full Bass Status)
  • Hands Free Calling and NFC Ready
  • USB 5V/1A Port for Charging Mobile Devices
  • Hi-Fi Sound and Anti-Distortion Circuity

After putting the Tremor through it’s paces and thoroughly testing it out, the Tremor by DreamWave is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The sound quality was awesome and the rugged design makes it a perfect addition to any tailgate party.

The Tremor is listed on Amazon for $449.99 but as of press time, is selling for $318.98 + FREE Shipping. You can also get the Tremor for $299.99 purchased directly from the DreamWave website.

For more information, visit: DreamWaveUS.com.

CULER SOLO flash-evaporative air cooler

Posted by Dave On April - 13 - 2016

Cukler Featured image

Spring has sprung… well at least in some parts of the country. But don’t worry my fellow tailgaters. Soon you will be breaking out the suntan lotion and tailgating in the bright sunshine that is baseball and concert tailgating season.

Many of you will be seeking a better way to stay cool and comfortable while in the great outdoors of those gorgeous parking lots. In the spring and into the summer months, those blacktop surfaces attract the heat like free beer at a frat party attracts college students.

You want to stay cool, but how?

We recently had the opportunity to check out the CULER SOLO flash-evaporative air cooler. It’s a portable “air conditioner” that is lightweight yet sturdy and is simple to operate and maintain. Most importantly, it keeps your tailgating space cooler.

As you saw in the video, you just need to fill up the water reservoir, plug it in and press some buttons. Within 30 seconds you are getting cool air and your tailgating space is getting much, much cooler.

Culer \solo at a Titan Baseball tailgateWe tested out the CULER SOLO model because it was smaller and more compact and would be a better fit for tailgaters. If you purchase the optional 12V power source, you can plug it into your DC power source in your vehicle and start cooling down your tailgating space. And because it draws little power, you don’t have to worry about coming back to your vehicle and having a dead battery.

In the video, you saw comparisons to “pad-type” coolers. The patented flow blurring technology in the CULER atomizes water to uniform micro-droplets which are flash Evaporated to pull heat from the air exiting the CULER. Sounds like a lot of science to us but the proof is in the pudding. When we tested it while tailgating, it cooled down our space noticeably.

It is very simple to use too. Just pour in water, plug in power and press the large, soft-touch power, fan, and cool buttons to start cooling off. The glowing Green LEDs confirm your selections and includes three fans speeds. There are no pads to clean, replace, or treat with chemicals. Once your tailgate is finished, pour out any excess water that was not used and store the CULER for next time.

After testing out the CULER SOLO and taking it tailgating, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. It was quite effective in cooling down our tailgating space and we enjoyed the ease of portability and ease of operation. Maintenance and storage was easy too. If you are dreading those hot summer months and the early football season when the weather is still painfully hot, the CULER SOLO could save your tailgate from being a flop.

Available via Amazon, the CULER SOLO is less than $200. If you need more cooling power, the CULER DUET is a great option as well. For just $50 more, you can double your cooling capacity.

For more information on the CULER SOLO and the CULER DUET, please visit: culer.com

AlcoMate Revo TS200

Posted by Dave On March - 22 - 2016

AlcoMate Revo (Model TS200)
We all know that we should never drink and drive. We here at Tailgating Ideas have always encouraged and advocated using a designated driver while tailgating. Unfortunately some do not follow that advice and will get behind the wheel after having a few adult beverages. If this describes you, you need to read on.

When stopped for a DUI, law enforcement officers offer blood or breath tests to measure the level of intoxication of a driver. Both tests are extremely accurate but taking a blood test while in the parking lot is not really feasible to assess if you are able to drive. A breathalyzer is much more easy to transport and keep in your car. The downfall is that most personal breathalyzers are inaccurate and are for more novelty use. Others need to be recalibrated after 10 uses or some ridiculously low number. There has to be a better personal breathalyzer on the market that wasn’t more high maintenance than the prom queen, was extremely accurate and didn’t require recalibration every five blows. Apparently there is and it called the AlcoMate Revo TS200.

As you saw in the video, the AlcoMate Revo TS200 comes with a replacement sensor so you can keep testing without any downtime. They mentioned that accuracy is the key and nothing speaks more clearly than being recognized by government agencies as being highly accurate. The AlcoMate Revo (made by AK GlobalTech) has recently been included on the approved list of alcohol screening devices from the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). When these two agencies sign off on your product, you know it is accurate.

Some more fact about the AlcoMate Revo TS200:

  • Each of AK GlobalTech’s breathalyzers are tested and approved for accuracy by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Due to their innovative technology, multiple sensor modules are additionally tested by the DOT during this process.
  • All other approved in-market breathalyzers are tested only one time because they utilize the same sensor throughout their life cycle.
  • Cell phone breathalyzers are not tested or approved by the DOT, therefore their accuracy is not guaranteed.
  • All breathalyzers become unusable and unreliable in one year or less and most use calibration in an attempt to restore their accuracy.
  • AK GlobalTech’s devices include Pre-calibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module (PRISM) technology, which allows consumers to avoid calibration completely.
  • Users of AK GlobalTech products simply swap out their old sensor and replace it with a brand new one, restoring the device back to day-one accuracy, even if it is several years old.
  • Other breathalyzers lack this technology and need calibration in hopes of maintaining accuracy, which is simply a “Band-Aid” method. Calibration cannot and will not completely restore a breathalyzer’s sensor back to its original accuracy.

We can attest to the AlcoMate Revo TS200’s accuracy and ease of use. We had a sample sent to us and decided to run it through the gamut of testing while on a brewery hopping tour through Portland, Oregon. If there is one place where a breathalyzer can get a work out, it’s in BeerTown USA. We posted up an Instagram video of the AlcoMate Revo TS200 in use.

Although we were taking both Uber and Lyft all around the city when not on foot, the AlcoMate Revo TS200 was a great tool to determine our level of intoxication and to know our limit.

The AlcoMate Revo TS200 is professionally packaged and comes in a retail case for storage when not in use. The retail case features a sturdy, re-inforced ABS exterior with a thickly padded interior for superior protection of REVO and accessories. It includes:

  • Revo Breathalyzer
  • User’s Manual
  • Carrying Pouch
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 5 x Mouthpieces
  • Pre-Installed PRISM component (Sensor Module)

Breathalyzer Specifications

  • Model: AlcoMate Revo
  • Alcohol Sensor: Fuel-Cell with PRISM Technology
  • Size / Dimensions: 4.0 x 2.0 x 0.6 in
  • Weight: 1.0000 oz
  • Material: ABS Molding
  • Users: Corporate, Law Enforcement, Medical, Military, Pro-consumers
  • Power: 2 x Standard 1.5V AAA (Included)
  • Detection Range: 0.000 – 0.400% BAC (G/DL)
  • Display: 4-Digit LCD
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Recalibration Needed: No required. Sensor Module should be replaced every 1000 test or at least once yearly.

After thoroughly testing the AlcoMate Revo TS200, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. Limited yourself to using this device only for tailgating is not recommended. We recommend this product for any time you are consuming adult beverages. Having an accurate breathalyzer on hand for house parties, game watch parties or anytime you have been consuming alcohol and want to check your level of intoxication, having one of these on hand is key and highly recommended.

The AlcoMate Revo TS200 sells for a little over $200. Some may think that is quite expensive but you get what you pay for. Cheap breathalyzers are inaccurate and are more of a novelty. Before you disregard our recommendation because of the price, consider this. What is the price of a DUI/DWI in your state? Another question to consider is, what is the cost of driving while intoxicated and possibly harming or killing another motorist? After considering those two questions, $200 doesn’t seem that expensive after all.

You can purchase the AlcoMate Revo TS200 directly from their website: alcomate.net or on Amazon.

King Luge – “No Mess” Dual-Track Ice Luge Mold

Posted by Dave On February - 2 - 2016

King Luge Booze luge Ice Mold Featured

Call it what you will: Booze Luge, Ice Luge, Martini Luge or Shooter-Block; Taking a liquor shot out of an ice sculpture while tailgating will take your tailgate party to the next level. You want to gather a crowd? A booze luge is the way to do it.

Years back, we discovered The Boozluge and it was quite popular. For some reason they stopped manufacturing it and we have received numerous emails from people asking when it was going to make a comeback. We can’t answer that question about the BoozLuge but the good news is that we have recently discovered the King Luge.

The King Luge is an Ice Luge that has vastly improved on all the other booze luges to precede it. Truly, they have built the proverbial “better mousetrap”. So what is so great about it? We will tell you but first take a look at the video we shot using the King Luge this weekend during the NFL Pro Bowl watch party at a friend’s house… (Technically it was in the garage but the garage is part of the house, right?)

Fun, right? Outside of the obvious, here is why the King Luge is better than any other ice luge mold we have come across.

    • Dual Track – The King Luge comes standard with two independent grooves enabling two people to take shots simultaneously.
    • Size Matters – The King Luge is 50% bigger than its competitors. When it comes to hosting an impressive tailgate party, bigger is better. Don’t bring that weak sauce cute little red booze luge to your tailgate and expect people to be impressed with your partying.
    • No Mess – The King Luge mold, when used as a stand to hold your frozen booze luge, collects the dripping water from the melting ice. Normally the ice melt would drip off onto your table, making a mess. The reservoir collects up to a gallon of water before needing to be emptied.
King Luge LED Light Kit

King Luge LED Light Kit

  • Light Show Kit – The King Luge has an optional LED lighting kit that resembles the size and shape of a hockey puck. Simply place the puck under the stand and turn it on and control it with a small remote control. 13 different colors are available and you can even control the color changes by fading, jumping and adjust the brightness up or down.
  • Easier Withdrawl – The King Luge is easily removed from the mold once frozen. Others we have tested you needed to let sit and allow some of the ice to melt in order for it to slide out. The King Luge allows you to take it out of the mold immediately after taking it out of the freezer.
  • Affordable & Convenient – Really big ice luges are typically made of a large block of ice you have to special order. You then have to carve the grooves and channels using either an ice pick or a chainsaw. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a huge pain in the ass. (We speak fluent sarcasm if you are new here…) The King Luge can be used over and over again and once you pop it out, the tracks are perfectly formed and you can pour the shots immediately. Buy it one time and never need to special order an ice block again.

After thoroughly testing (and playing with) the King Luge, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The affordable price coupled with the portability and the ease of having an ice luge at your tailgate party makes the King Luge the perfect tailgate accessory.

Priced with or without the LED lighting kit, the King Luge mold itself will run you less than $40. Add in the LED Light Puck and the combo price goes to $47.95. The LED light kit runs about $13 if you wanted an extra one for around the house or two to make your King Luge extra bright.

The King Luge is available from Amazon, Spring Break 24-7 and our online tailgating gear store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com.

Beard Head

Posted by Dave On February - 1 - 2016

Beard Heads Tailgate

It seems like everyone these days has a beard. Short of spray painting your facial hair, there really isn’t a way to show your support for your team. That was then. Now there is Beard Head.

Beard Head was recently featured on Shark Tank.

As you can see in the video and in the photos, Beard Head is a knit cap with a yarn “beard” that attaches to the hat via velcro. The beard can adjust up or down for smaller faces (kids) or even longer faces (Sarah Jessica Parker).

We tried out the Beard Head Tailgate Series which comes in multiple color variations. I opted for the blue and orange of Cal State Fullerton while my son adjusted his up to support the Oklahoma Sooners.

The Beard Head definitely drew a few looks and smiles and quite a few thumbs up. Because we took ours tailgating and eventually into the game, there was no denying our school and team spirit.

In addition to showcasing your unwavering spirit, the Beard Head is functional too. The hat itself is quite warm and when using the beard, it also helps keep your face warm. The opening for your mouth is perfectly sized too. It enables you to guzzle a few beverages without taking it off. Eating with the beard on might be a challenge especially if you are going with ribs or even a cheese burger. Popping a few peanuts down your cake hole shouldn’t be a problem.

After testing out Beard Heads and taking them tailgating, they are definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The Tailgate Series of Beard Heads range in price from $24.99 to $29.99. Other styles are priced differently depending on the style.

To check out the color combination or to see other styles of Beard Heads, visit: beardhead.com





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