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IceSoKool Cup Review

Posted by Dave On August - 23 - 2014

Margarita in IceSoCool CupAbout 10 years ago, I traveled quite a bit with a previous job that took me all over the United States. I traveled heavily during the summers and visited the south eastern portion of the United States frequently. During one of those travels we stopped in at a Hooters in Gainesville, Florida. We ordered a pitcher of beer and when it arrived at the table, the busty waitress also had a small bag of ice in her hand. She tied the bag to the handle and floated it in the pitcher of beer keeping it cold while sitting on the table but did not dilute it with the melting ice water. Genius idea, we thought. If only someone could come up with a way to do that for a cup while out tailgating.

It took 10 years but someone apparently has already taken that concept of keeping your drink cold without diluting it with melting ice. We recently discovered the IceSoKool cup. Take a look at their “How it Works” video and you will see the concept of keeping your beverage ice cold without watering it down.

As you saw in the video, the IceSoKool cup is a dual chambered cup with a cylinder in the middle. You place ice cubes in the center cylinder and as the ice melts, keeps your beverage cold

IceSoCool cups work in a 1, 2, 3, 4 step process that takes 10 seconds.

  1. Remove outer cup by unscrewing it from the inner cup.
  2. Place ice in the cylinder of the inner cup.
  3. Screw the outer and inner cups back together.
  4. Pour in your favorite beverage

IceSoKool Cup

Now that your IceSoKool cup is loaded with ice, you are free to fill with your favorite beverage. The claim we heard was that even in the hottest conditions, it will keep your beverage cold longer than other cups you have to freeze prior to use. And when it comes to tailgating, having a freezer in the parking lot is next to impossible but there are tons of ice chests full of ice available. Compared to those mugs that have gel crystals in them that you have to remember to freeze prior to use, IceSoKool is so much more tailgate friendly. Open up the cup, pop in some ice, fill it up and your drink stays cold.

Seeing how the IceSoKool people make these bold claims against those other cooling cups, they have dome some pretty extensive research. Of course, call us skeptical or whatever you want, but we at Tailgating Ideas have always wanted to test products for ourselves to ensure their claims are really true. We requested a sample of the IceSoKool cup and tested it out for ourselves. Without going into exhaustive detail and photos of digital thermometers, we will cut to the chase and say it works.

IceSoKool Cup

We took two beverages out of the fridge at the same time and poured them into cups. (Just because the center cylinder penetrates the inside of the cup, you can still pour 12 oz. of liquid in there.) One was poured into a regular plastic party cup (don’t start singing the Toby Keith song in your head) and the other was poured into the IceSoKool cup. We tested the temperature to ensure they started out at the same temperature. 45 degrees. We then walked away and let them sit in 80 degree temperature for about 15 minutes. Once we came back, the party cup was significantly warmer. The temperature on the IceSoKool cup was unchanged. We then drank equal amounts out of each cup and then walked away again.

Upon returning to the cups after another 15 minutes, the party cup was almost room temperature and was undrinkable. The IceSoKool cup was still cold and we proceeded to drink the remainder. We concluded that if it takes you longer than 30 minutes to drink your beer, there is a larger problem that can only be solved by getting a bunch of infant bottle nipples.

In conclusion, the IceSoKool works well, keeps your drink cold without watering it down and is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. A single IceSoKool cup will run you $16.99 and you get a discount if you buy a pair, two for $31.98 and free shipping on the second cup. For more information or to buy one or two of your own, visit: IceSoKool

.50 Cal Bottle Opener

Posted by Dave On August - 22 - 2014

50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener
Over the years, we’ve seen a ton of bottle openers. Some great for tailgating others, not so much.

We recently had the chance to check out the .50 Caliber Bottle Opener. As you can see it is a real, previously fired .50 caliber bullet that has been milled to now be a bottle opener. Not much else to it other than if you want to have a cool bottle opener for those patriotic holidays like 4th of July and Memorial Day or even to just look like a bad ass when opening your beer, this very well may be your first and last bottle opener.

Take a look at our video as we try out the .50 Cal Bottle Opener.

  • Made from a real, once fired U.S. Military .50 Caliber bullet
  • Precision cut, hand polished and anti-tarnish coated to ensure long life
  • Opens conversations as well as bottles

50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

After testing out the .50 caliber bottle opener for ourselves, we are going to give it the Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” stamp. Not much else to say other than it opens bottles well and makes you look cool at the same time. And it will fit in nicely to any tailgating kit and not take up too much room.

The .50 Caliber Bottle Opener costs $15 plus postage and packaging. We thought this bottle opener was so cool, we decided that we should carry it in our online tailgating gear store. Buy it HERE.

Case Coolie

Posted by Dave On August - 12 - 2014

Case Coolie Featured

Bringing an ice chest to a tailgate party can be a hassle. The size, weight and bulk of a cooler along with the cost of ice can make tailgating a real pain. If only there was a way to keep a case of beer cold without the hassle and expense of lugging a cooler full of ice to the tailgate…

Case Coolie in 3 colors

The Case Coolie comes in three colors

We recently discovered the Case Coolie.

Simply stated, the Case Coolie is an insulating device that slips over your case of beer and keeps it insulated and cold right out of the liquor store fridge. Most beers already come chilled so there is no reason to add ice and try to maintain that temperature artificially. The Case Coolie combines a double layer of top quality insulation to create a barrier to heat and thus keeps your case cold.

As you might expect, we were a little skeptical of their claims that the Case Coolie can keep a case of beer cold for up to 10 hours. This claim may be the case if you place the Case Coolie over a case of beer and do not open and close it repeatedly like is the normal practice at a tailgate. With that in mind we put the Case Coolie to the Tailgating Ideas test.

The test would consist of starting with a cold 30-pack of beer. We placed the cold case of beer in the Case Coolie while at the store and left it in the Case Coolie without opening it up for 45 minutes. This replicated a real tailgating environment when you buy the beer on the way to the game and drive for about 45 minutes before arriving at your destination.

After 45 minutes passed, we opened up the Case Coolie and took out two beers every 15 minutes. The ambient temperature was around 80 degrees so this replicated an early season game of the NFL or NCAA football season. We repeated this pattern of opening up the Case Coolie, removing a few beers and then closing it back up via the velcro. We did not have a system of trying to remove all the beers on the top area before working on the bottom. We just simply took out the beers that were closest to the opening much like anyone would do if they were out tailgating.

Cards Tailgater with Case CoolieThe reason we kept on opening and closing the Case Coolie was to let the cold air escape and the warm air in just like it would occur naturally out in the tailgating wild. Putting a case of beer in an insulating sleeve and not opening it and not taking a few out is not realistic. In order to replicate real usage in a real tailgating environment, you need to open and close the Case Coolie and remove a few cans each time.

As you can see in the photo above, the last beer removed after four hours of being in an opened and closed Case Coolie was around 55 degrees. Although the temperature was about 10 degrees warmer than the temperature of the beer when we bought it, 55 degrees is drinkable. If you split a 30-pack of beer with a friend (2 beers removed every 15 minutes over the course of four hours), by the time you hit the 55 degree beer, the temperature will be the last thing on your mind.

After thoroughly testing the Case Coolie in a real tailgating environment, we are going to deem the Case Coolie “Tailgate Approved”.

The Case Coolie comes in three different colors, black, red and blue. The Case Coolie comes with a carrying handle and also a shoulder strap for those distances when you need to get from your house to the parking lot. No matter which color you choose, the Case Coolie will run you $29.99.

For more information or to buy one of your own, visit: CaseCoolie.com

Tailgate Tags: Novelty License Plates

Posted by Dave On August - 4 - 2014

Texas Sucks Tailgate Tag
Have you ever tried to get one of those vanity license plates that show your team spirit or even better, trash you biggest rival? Chances are you may have, only to find out some other fan like yourself has already registered that license plate. No need to feel down that someone “stole” your idea…

We recently discovered Tailgate Tags from Lookin’ Sporty. Tailgate Tags are aluminum U.S. State background license plates that can be customized to reflect a slogan or message of your choice. They even have a variety of pre-made tailgate tags geared towards specific fan bases, i.e. Alabama license plates that say “Roll Tide” or a Louisiana plate that says “Who Dat?” for the New Orleans Saints fans. It probably won’t be long before the folks at Lookin’ Sporty start making Texas plates that say “Hook ‘Em” for Texas fans, “Gig ‘Em” for Texas A&M Fans or even “Guns Up” for the Texas Tech fans.

Upon learning about these Tailgate Tags, we also discovered that Lookin’ Sporty can also do customized license plates from all 50 states.

Lookin’ Sporty offers two styles of customizing your novelty license plate. They can customize your plate with vinyl lettering in the saying of your choice for $17.95 or with a process called sublimation for $19.95. With sublimation, they apply ink directly to the plate which is a permanent process. All novelty license plates are made of aluminum just like the real license plates the states officially issue.

After discovering these novelty car tags, we thought it would be fun to have a few made up custom to see how they turned out. The first one we requested, being an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma, was an Oklahoma license plate. Rather than doing something trite and expected like “Boomer” or “Sooners”, we went in a different direction. We decided to poke a little fun at the Oklahoma Sooners’ bitter rival… the University of Texas. And in keeping with the limitation of only six letters or numbers to make it look like an authentic license plate issued by the state of Oklahoma, we went with “TX SUX”. We chose to hang that one on the wall in the office next to some of our favorite Sports Illustrated covers from over the years..


The next novelty tag we had made is a little less “in your face” and takes some explaining if you are not a die-hard Cal State Fullerton baseball fan. We chose to go with the Nebraska license plate with the numbers “79 84 95 04″. Assuming you are not a Cal State Fullerton baseball fan and may not understand what that means, here is your explanation.

The College World Series is played every year in Omaha, Nebraska. The the eight most elite college baseball teams advance to Omaha, Nebraska to play for the National Championship. Cal State Fullerton has advanced to the College World Series 16 times and has won the College World Series four times. Can you guess which years they won those national championships? 1979, 1984, 1995 and 2004. Hence the Nebraska license plate with the numbers “79 84 95 04″ on it.

Titan Baseball swing arm tailgate tag

As you can see in the image above and below, we chose to place our customized license plate on the swing arm of our Cal State Fullerton tailgating grill.

Titan Baseball tailgating grill tailgate tag

These tags are so real and believable that we need to warn you that when using these tags, please do not replace your state issued tags with these. Hang your Tailgate Tags off your pop-up tent while tailgating or the front of your car if your state does not require a state issued tag to be visible from the front.

After thoroughly checking these customized novelty license plates out for ourselves, we are going to deem them “Tailgate Approved”. The limitations are only limited by your imagination. Choose a state, choose a slogan that would look good on a license plate and for around $20 or less, you can express yourself in a whole new way. Maybe even tie a string around the tailgate tag, hang it around your neck and try to get some TV time while inside the game.

Vinyl Customized Plates will run you $17.95 and Sublimated Customized Plates cost $19.95. All license plates are standard size 6″ x 12″ to accommodate any and all vehicles and to look absolutely realistic.

To check out the plate styles or order a custom one of your own, visit: lookinsporty.com


Posted by Dave On July - 23 - 2014

PLate-A-Cup Featured

It seems as though the market for one-handed eating has expanded to monstrous proportions as of late. A few years ago there were only a few products out there but it seems in just the past year we have reviewed and tried out a number of plates that hold your food and your drink all in one place allowing your free hand to eat, take a drink, shake a hand or give a high five all while standing up. The most recent one-handed plate we have discovered is called the Plate-A-Cup from Eco-Eats Partyware.

Plate-A-Cup PartyAs you can see, the Plate-A-Cup is a square, paper plate with a large area to place food and a cut-out round surface to place your can, bottle wine glass or plastic party cup. The Plate-A-Cup comes in two sizes, seven inch and nine inch depending on the appetites of your tailgate party guests.

Because these plates are made by an environmentally friendly company, you would expect them to be eco-friendly as well. The Plate-A-Cup plates will biodegrade in 30 days or less in a commercial composting facility and approximately 90 days or less in a home composting system. Compare that kind of carbon footprint with those plastic plates that don’t even have the durability and strength to hold up to the rigors of tailgate partying.

We were sent a sampling of the Plate-A-Cup plates and put them to the test. We thought the best place to try them out would be a day at the beach.

We did previously mention that these are paper plates but by no means are they flimsy and weak. These plates are strong and thick and can handle quite a bit of food and weight. No need to skip the heavier foods like ribs, a turkey leg or even a double cheese burger with everything. We found that by placing the drink portion in the palm of our hand and placing our fingers in the grooves between the plate, the Plate-A-Cup is very sturdy with no fears of dropping even a single chicken wing.

Another cool idea you could implement when using the Plate-A-Cup is you can personalize these plates. Throwing a tailgate party before watching your favorite team? Just use some labels you can buy at your local office or stationary store and personalize the drink portion of the Plate-A-Cup with a logo, slogan, your business name, etc. It might be fun to play a fun prank on an old friend and print labels with their face on it and make them feel like they are the guest of honor. In order to customize Plate-A-Cup plates, buy labels that are compliant with Avery 2 1/2″ round labels (#22830) and follow the instructions on the design template.

After testing the Plate-A-Cup while at the beach, this product will definitely feel at home at a tailgate party. That is why we are going to declare the Plate-A-Cup “Tailgate Approved”.

The Plate-A-Cup is priced at $4.50 for a 12-pack of seven inch plates and $7.35 for a 12-pack of nine inch plates. Eco-Eats also offers these plates in a 50-pack or even a case of 200 plates. For more information or to buy some Plate-A-Cups for your next tailgate party, visit: ecoeatspartyware.com/plate-a-cup




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