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Clean Cubes

Posted by Dave On October - 6 - 2015

Clean Cubes featured
Tailgating by nature tends to produce a lot of refuse. Using disposable items while tailgating can be convenient yet hard on the environment. We discovered some attractive, disposable trash and recycle bins that would be perfect for your next tailgate. Clean Cubes.

As you saw in the video, Clean Cubes are a complete trash solution, composed of a plastic trash liner adhered to a paper bin. Its instant setup and easy cleanup solves the problem of trash or recyclable build-up at parties, events, and many other situations. Clean Cubes are made from 50% recycled paper and is patented.

One of the things that always irks me when I am out tailgating is that my recyclables tend to stay behind in the parking lot. Invariably, the Can Man liberates my empties and keeps my tailgating space free from clutter and crushed cans, but he (or she) ends up getting the money for the recycling. If I could keep those cans separate from the regular trash and recycle them myself, at the end of the year I might get enough money back to buy something cool… like another 30 rack of beer.

When we first received the samples of Clean Cubes, I immediately thought these would be great for recycling our cans while tailgating. They pop open easily just like a grocery store paper bag but the plastic liner sticks to the sides and stays open. Once done and ready to pack up the tailgate, we simply removed the plastic bag from the outer bag and placed the crushed cans in our vehicle. (When we tested Clean Cubes this weekend, it was raining in San Diego and the paper portion of the Clean cube was not salvageable.)

The concept of Clean cubes is not really groundbreaking or revolutionary but makes trash and recyclables collection easy and convenient. Set up and breakdown time while tailgating is precious so the less time you have to devote to setting something up and taking it down, the better. The samples we received are designed for tailgating complete with footballs on the bag. There are other designs of Clean Cubes that can fit a home party, picnic or other times you may just need another receptacle for your trash and/or recyclables.

The three pack of Clean Cubes from Amazon will cost $14.99. The majority of the other patterns offered cost less than $10 for the three-pack. The halloween designs cost about the same as the tailgating design.

For more information or to purchase them directly from Clean Cubes, visit: clean-cubes.com

Aardvark NCAA & NFL Team Straws

Posted by Dave On September - 15 - 2015

Dallas Cowboys Aardvark paper drinking straws

We tailgaters and sports fans alike, we love to show our team spirit in numerous ways. Forget about the clothing you wear while tailgating. That’s passé. We like our team spirit to cover everything from our tablecloths, party cups, plates, napkins, even a football helmet snack bowl with our team’s logo. Bud Light recently introduced NFL Team-Specific Cans that contain the logos and slogans of 28 NFL franchises. It stands to reason that tailgating nation would want an officially licensed drinking straw that sports the colors and logos of NFL and NCAA teams.

Aardvark Straws has come out with a line of paper drinking straws that are not only eco-friendly but sports the colors and logos of most of your favorite teams. These durable, chlorine-free paper straws won’t decompose or bleed into your drink and are better for the environment than regular plastic straws. Regular plastic straws do not sport your team’s logo either. If you are in a battle with your tailgating neighbors on who can be the bigger fan, we’re willing to bet if you hand them your parking lot famous jungle juice with an LSU Tigers Straw sticking out the top, they will concede defeat on the spot.

Available in many popular NCAA teams, Aardvark paper drinking straws are officially licensed and contain the official logos of the teams. Aardvark also offers straws of all 32 NFL franchises. So when Johnny Football drops out of rehab, he can hit the Gin & Tonic out of an officially licensed Cleveland Browns Eco-Flex® Paper Straw. Thanks Aardvark!

We had the opportunity to test out the Aardvark NCAA & NFL drinking straws at home and while tailgating. You can see the photos we posted on Instagram here and here. After testing these drinking straws thoroughly, these Aardvark straws are “Tailgate Approved”.

A package of 24 drinking straws will cost $5.25 if purchased directly through aardvarkstraws.com online store. Aardvark Drinking Straws on Amazon are also available.

For more information or to purchase some for your next tailgate, visit: aardvarkstraws.com.

Tailgate Giant Horizontal ad

Zaca Chewables

Posted by Dave On September - 9 - 2015

Zaca Chewables

It was back in 2009 when we first discovered the Zaca Recovery Patch. It’s a hangover prevention remedy that you apply to your skin much like those nicotine patches smokers use to help them quit. But instead of helping you quit smoking, Zaca patches help keep essential nutrients in your body even if you overindulge in the consumption of alcohol. (Yeah, that never happens while tailgating)

During the summer, we were contacted by the folks at Zaca and they informed us that they had a new product line they were introducing: Zaca Recovery Chewables.

The chewables were not quite on the market in the beginning of the summer but we were given a few samples to test out to see if they worked as well as the recovery patches from Zaca. We took a few packets out to Omaha, Nebraska for our trip to the College World Series. If there ever was a fertile testing ground for a hangover prevention, it’s Omaha, Nebraska during the College World Series.

We did our fair share of drinking (check our Twitter and Instagram from June 2015) and when it came time to call it a night, we took the Zaca Recovery Chewables.

We woke up the next morning feeling quite good and not at all hungover. The chewables were also an upgrade from the patch in that with the patch, you need to apply it to your skin when you take your first drink. Maybe you don’t know you are going to need a hangover prevention until after you have had a few drinks and the party is getting a little crazy? You have to stop what you are doing and apply your patch.

With the Zaca Recovery Chewables, you take the paclket before going to bed, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, and you are good to go for the next morning.

Zaca chewable ingredientsThe Zaca Recovery Chewable comes in to-go packets containing four (4) tablets. The cornerstone ingredients are Setria® Glutathione for antioxidant protection, detoxification and immune fortification* and Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine for hydration and muscle recovery. The supplement also contains Japanese Raisin and other natural ingredients.

Sertia® is a branded form of glutathione, an essential substance for three primary health benefits: promoting detoxification*, providing antioxidant protection*, and fortifying the immune system.* Setria® has been clinically studied and has over 800,000 published studies showing glutathione plays a central role in detoxifying the body and managing overall health.

Sustamine® – a dipeptide of glutamine, the most abundant single amino acid in the body – provides essential support during times when the body undergoes large amounts of stress.

These berry flavored tablets are easy to chew and break apart easily in your teeth. I found that mashing the tablets into a paste in my mouth helped the tablets’ ingredients absorb quicker and my stomach didn’t have to work as hard to digest the chewable tablets.

Zaca Recovery Chewables come in packs of 16 and cost $23.99. The benefits of not waking up hungover far outweighs any cost of the product.

After thoroughly testing the Zaca Recovery Chewables they get our “Tailgate Approved” label for effectiveness, portability, convenience and cost.

You can get Zaca Chewables online at Zacalife.com.

Naked Pong

Posted by Dave On August - 22 - 2015
Girl playing strip beer pong

Photo courtesy of theCHIVE

Ever played strip poker? How about Strip Beer Pong? The rules are quite similar but the game play is a little different. We recently discovered a product called Naked Pong that takes beer pong to a whole new level.

Naked pong three sheets

Naked Pong is a sticker pack that has symbols and instructions you place on the bottom of your beer pong cups. Once a ball is sunk into a cup, the opposing player drinks the contents and then turns over the cup to reveal the consequence. Consequences range from remove a piece of clothing, the shooter needs to remove a piece of clothing, the player adds a piece of clothing or the player is safe and does not have to do anything. The stickers for removing a piece of clothing identify if it should be an upper body or lower body piece of clothing.

It’s pretty simple and you may or may not be able to play Naked Pong while tailgating, but you surely can back at the fraternity house. Arrange the cups any way you like and make sure to put the sticker that tells your opponent to remove their own piece of clothing in an easy to hit cup, like the head cup or the bitch cup. Make the cups that make you take off your clothes underneath the harder to make cups.

Naked Pong is $7.00 for a sticker pack of 20 which includes enough stickers for both set of cups in a 10 cup game of beer pong.

Proof: Sneaky Flasks Work

Posted by Dave On August - 21 - 2015

For years now, we have been telling you how to save money on the rising costs of attending sporting events and concerts by tailgating ahead of time. Eating and drinking in the parking lot is a fraction of the cost you would pay for food and drinks inside a stadium or arena. The same goes for being able to bring in your own alcohol despite it being frowned upon or outright banned at venues. That is why many people have chosen to smuggle in their own booze using a variety of stealth drinking vessels we commonly call sneaky flasks.

The biggest question we get is, “Yeah, they look great, but do they really work?”. Pictures are worth 1000’s of words.

Those two flasks were smuggled into Qualcomm Stadium before the Chargers/Cowboys pre-season game last week. Despite the NFL’s Clear Bag Policy, we were able to smuggle in 26 oz of liquor inside the stadium between an Ice Pack Flask and the Hair Spray Flask. We even posed with a security guard and asked him to take a photo demonstrating we were using the correct bag to enter an NFL stadium. Unbeknownst to him, the clear bag contained two flasks with liquor inside (and a few sealed water bottles to complete the ruse.).

NFL CLear Bag with flasks

This poor security guard had no idea this clear bag approved by the NFL included two stealth flasks.

Need more proof these sneaky flasks make it into venues where BYOB is discouraged or banned?

More picture proof:

As my old college football coach used to say, “The eye in the sky doesn’t lie”. All of these photos are not doctored and were taken inside venues that ban BYOB. The proof is out there and these picture prove it.

If you want to save some money while tailgating and attending events, you can buy these sneaky flask shown here and many more in our online store, shop.tailgatingideas.com or Spring Break 24-7.





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