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Chill Bit

Posted by Dave On August - 22 - 2013

Chill Bit in Ice chest
It was back about a year ago during the summer of 2012 that we discovered the Frost Boss. The Frost Boss took an age old technique, spinning a canned beverage in ice or ice water and the result is chilling the liquid contents much faster than placing it in an ice chest by itself. The Frost Boss basically automates this process in that it spins a regular 12 oz. aluminum can in ice and takes a warm can to cold in roughly two minutes. On top of that, after the can is chilled, there is no fear of the beverage can exploding or bubbling over because the liquid inside gets cold but not shaken up. We thought it was weird too until we tried it.

One of the major complaints we heard about the Frost Boss was that the concept of never being more than two minutes away from a cold beverage was attractive, yet the cost at about $40 was not that affordable. Because we tailgaters like our tailgating gadgets more affordable yet still effective, I sought out another way to chill a canned beverage cheaper and also add in a little “cool factor” to the process. That is how we were able to discover the Chill Bit.

Chill Bit

Chill Bit made by Spin Chill

The Chill Bit is made up of rubber and plastic that can snap onto the top of a beer can and hold it while being spun from a cordless drill. The back end of the Chill Bit fits into your drill’s chuck and once tightened, will hold onto the top of a canned beverage up to 1,100 RPM. You then place the can in ice or ice water and turn on the drill to start the spinning. After about 60 seconds a beer that is 80 degrees will drop in temperature by about 30 degrees. You want it colder than that? Spin it for two whole minutes and the contents inside will go below freezing and will actually form ice crystals on the inside of the can. Don’t believe it is true? Check out our video we did while tailgating prior to the Chargers vs. the Seahawks preseason game a few weeks ago.

As you saw in the video, the can did not fizz, foam or explode upon opening it right after spinning it for a complete minute. We could have spun the can for five minutes and we would have gotten the same result although the can would have been much, much colder. So if you are ready for a little science lesson, here is why carbonated beverages in cans or bottles can be spun without exploding or foaming over.

How does it work?
By spinning the container, convection is introduced to both the inside and the outside of the container. This increases the rate of heat transfer and cools the beverage down at a rate of at least 20 times faster. You may have spun a beer in ice water by hand but that can get boring and tedious. It is the same science with the Chill Bit but much faster and you get to use power tools to do it.

Why does it not explode?
It all has to do with the air pocket. A ‘carbonated beverage’ is one in which carbon dioxide is dissolved in the liquid under pressure (Henry’s law). When the can is opened, the liquid inside starts to equalize with the pressure in the atmosphere, and the CO2 comes out of solution to do so. All carbonated beverages fizz upon opening, but whether they fizz over (liquid comes out of the container) depends on how fast the CO2 comes out of solution.

In order for CO2 to come out of solution, it needs a ‘nucleation site’ to do so. Those nucleation sites can be either gaseous pockets, or an irregularity along the wall. (Look at how a stream of bubbles form on a specific spot on a glass of beer or soda. You can’t see it, but that spot is an irregularity.)

When a beverage is shaken, the air pocket is broken up into millions of small pockets dispersed throughout the beverage. When the container is opened, CO2 in solution has sites all over the place, and it comes out of solution so quickly, that the liquid has no time to get out of the way, and it rises up and out, hence, it fizzes over.

When a beverage is rotated, the air pocket stays intact and knocks all the small bubbles off the side of the container, making one larger air pocket. There are no nucleation sites dispersed throughout, and the usual slow decarbonation takes place at the infrequent irregularities, and at the surface.

Okay, now that you have gotten your science lesson done for the day, the bottom line is the Chill Bit works. You supply the beer and the cordless drill, the Chill Bit provides you with peace of mind knowing you are never more than one to two minutes away from an ice cold beverage. And honestly, if you can’t wait a measly two minutes to drink a beer, you may want to look into rehab centers. (Besides, rehab is for quitters.)

The Chill Bit is also available for bottles. The same concept is that you place the Chill Bit for bottles over the bottle cap and spin the bottle in the ice. Because glass is a better insulator than aluminum, spinning a bottle will take a bit longer than cans. Estimate spinning in ice for about two to four minutes for a 12 oz bottle and your beer will be ice cold.

If you couldn’t tell by the video and the fact that we added the Chill Bit to our online tailgating gear store, the Chill Bit is definitely “Tailgate Approved“.

The can or the bottle size is definitely small enough to fit in any tailgaters kit and at $15, is highly affordable for any tailgater on a budget. More than likely you already have a cordless drill and all you need to do is make sure the battery is fully charged if you plan on using the Chill Bit on multiple cans or bottles. Plus, the “cool factor” of chilling your beer using a cordless drill will attract a crowd and earn you some much needed parking lot street cred.

The Chill Bit for cans or bottles is priced at $15. If you want to learn more about it or want to buy one or two of your own, visit HERE.

Walmart Get On The Shelf for Tailgaters

Posted by Dave On August - 20 - 2013

I am sure everyone is familiar with Walmart, the superstores that sell just about everything. Walmart is a popular place to shop for tailgaters because of the low prices and the variety of goods sold it makes it a one stop shop for many things needed for a tailgate party.

Last year, Walmart rolled out the “Get On The Shelf” contest which allowed business small and large to essentially make their case to have their product sold online and in select Walmart brick and mortar stores. Here is a quick explanation video of how the Get On The Shelf program works.

So now that you know how the program works, you are probably asking yourself “As a tailgater, why do I care which products are sold in Walmart?”. The simple reason is there are some companies and products trying to get on the shelves of Walmart that are great for tailgating. And because those products that earn the most votes will be considered to get on the shelves of Walmart, we thought you might want to help those that are designed for tailgating. We have scoured the Walmart Get on the Shelf site and have found these products we think would be a great addition because of their appeal to tailgaters and those that enjoy the tailgate party lifestyle. In no particular order:

Tailgater Sunshade: About a year after starting this tailgating blog in 2007 we were contacted by the folks at Tailgator Sunshade. Most tailgating tents and canopies have four legs and can be big and bulky. We reviewed the Tailgator Sunshade and now they have the opportunity to get on the shelf at Walmart. Their pitch video and a link to vote for the Tailgator Sunshade to get on the shelf follows:

To get the Tailgator Sunshade on the shelf, vote for it HERE.

Spin Chill Beerouette: We first learned about the guys at Spin Chill a few weeks ago when we discovered their beer chiller called the Chill Bit. We liked it so much we decided to add it to our online tailgating gear store. We will be publishing our review of the Chill Bit this week but in the meantime, the Spin Chill guys are in the running to get on the shelf with another product. This product takes the concept of rapid chilling a canned beverage and automates it. They call it the Beerouette.

To get the Beerouette on the shelf, vote for it HERE.

Beersicle: Although we personally have not tested the beersicle in looking at the Walmart Get on the Shelf entries, this one looks pretty cool. Apparently you place this frozen tube in your beer bottle and you can still drink it. The video demostrates how it works.

To get the Beersicle on the shelf, vote for it HERE

Rollors: We discovered Rollors back in the spring of 2011 and have even given away a game set to one lucky reader. The basics of Rollors combines bowling, bocce ball and horseshoes into a fun tailgating game. Now Rollors is in the running with this Walmart contest and could be available through Walmart if they can get on the shelf.

To get Rollors on the shelf, vote for it HERE

Wrap & Strap Table and Tailgate Covers: Another product we have not personally tested but looks like it would be good for tailgating is the Wrap & Strap Table and Tailgate Covers. Wind is the enemy of any outdoor activity and especially tailgating. Looks like this product solves the age old problem of your tailgating tablecloth from blowing away in the breeze.

To get the Wrap & Strap Table and Tailgate Covers on the shelf, vote for it HERE

Saucerslotz: We’ve never played it but it looks like a fun game that could be brought out to the tailgating parking lot. It appears to combine the scoring of a number of different tailgating games along with game play from Polish Horseshoes and bean bag toss. Check out their video for it.

To get the Saucerslotz on the shelf, vote for it HERE

If you know of a product or company great for tailgating currently trying to “get on the shelf” that we may have missed or overlooked, feel free to mention it in the comments section below.

DIY Portable Smoker

Posted by Brandon On August - 12 - 2013

A while back I decided to purchase a small charcoal grill for use at my tailgates.  I had a full size Weber kettle at home, but it’s size just made it impractical for hauling around in our vehicles.  Anyone who has been in the market for a small grill before can attest to the wide range of options in the marketplace today.  The good news is that these days you’re not limited to what the local hardware store has, you can shop at any store or seller via the internet.  Because of this there is no need to settle on something.

After doing a fair amount of research I decided to go with a Weber Smokey Joe Gold.  Being an owner of 2 Webers already I knew that they made a solid product, and quite frankly I didn’t think I was going to find a better grill for $35 bucks.  I posted a brief review of the product on Amazon, which you can find HERE, listing my reasoning for choosing the Gold model over the slightly less expensive Silver.  In a nutshell I felt like the Gold was more suited to travel, and thus tailgating, vs. the Silver.  While I was doing my research I came across a very intriguing little modification that other Smokey Joe owners were doing to increase the capabilities of their little grill.


Now that term modification may be a misleading considering that there are no permanent changes that need to be made.  Through the addition of several additional components one is able to transform the small 14 inch grill into a decently sized smoker.  Weber enthusiasts are probably familiar with the bullet shaped Smokey Mountain smokers that they offer. And while I don’t have first hand experience with the Smokey Mountain I do know that they are solid pieces of equipment.  So what someone figured out was that if they added some sort of middle chamber, in this case a large pot, to the top of their grill they could, in essence, make the Smokey Joe into a “Mini” Smokey Mountain.  After giving this a try for myself I knew that I had to share my “Mini WSM” experience with you all.  Read on for a parts list and instructions on how to build your own.

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Best ways to smuggle alcohol

Posted by Dave On August - 7 - 2013
49er fan security pat down

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Thursday marks the official return of football tailgating. Even though it is only the preseason, don’t tell that to the Bucs, Titans, Browns, Falcons, 49ers and Chargers fans who will all be tailgating prior to their teams hosting games August 8th.

With a new season comes new rules regarding what you can bring into the stadium and more importantly, how you can bring in your personal belongings into an NFL stadium. The NFL has adopted a new NFL bag policy for 2013 that limits the size and most notably, the transparency of bags allowed into NFL stadiums. In reaction to this NFL policy and also in consideration of the numerous rules that college football stadiums impose, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best ways to smuggle alcohol into stadiums, festivals, concerts or just anywhere where alcohol is not served or where alcohol consumption is frowned upon.

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Stump Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by Dave On August - 5 - 2013

I am sure you think you have seen every tailgating game there is out there in the parking lot. Most tailgating games are tossing games that require you to throw an object at some sort of a target that has different scoring areas. Cornhole, washers ladder toss and Polish Horseshoes all fit into the description. But have you ever played the tailgating game Stump?

We have seen this game played on numerous videos we have come across online and the game is pretty simple. Get a tree stump, get some nails and a hammer, gather some friends, everyone needs to have a beverage in one hand and you can start playing. Nails are placed around the stump and each player lays claim to the nail they want to be the “theirs”. The object is to pound everyone else’s nail flush into the stump while the nail that is the last to remain sticking out is the winner. The hammer is then tossed and caught and depending on the difficulty of the toss will determine how many hits that player gets in that round. Then the hammer is passed to the next person and the game goes until all nails except for the last one are completely hammered into the stump.

The tailgating game stump has not gained popularity and wide acceptance because of the logistical nightmare that the game can present. Finding a tree stump is one of them. The second is cutting the stump to a manageable size and also transporting it can be a hassle. Lastly, the sheer weight of a stump can make it impossible to transport.

We recently discovered two guys on Kickstarter that are trying to make the tailgating game stump more manageable and portable. Of course since it is a Kickstarter campaign they are going to need some pledge funding to get this portable version of stump off the ground. Take a look at their Kickstarter video.

If you think this would make a fun tailgating game for you and your crew, check out their Kickstarter project page and pledge some dough. Best of luck guys.




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