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Tampon Flasks

Posted by Dave On July - 9 - 2013

Over the years, we have tested, reviewed and given the “Tailgate Approved” stamp of approval to many contraptions and devices designed to help you smuggle your booze inside a stadium or event venue. Some of our favorites have included the Freedom Flask and the Booze Belly but we hear complaints all the time about the lack of covert and incognito ways for women tailgaters to sneak a little extra hooch inside the venue past the security guards.

Tampon Flasks

Ladies, your prayers have been heard and they have been answered. Introducing Tampon Flasks.

Tampon FlaskTampon Flasks are shaped and designed to look just like a real tampon when in the wrapper. You know that tampons are to guys like kryptonite is to Superman. We won’t even go down the feminine hygiene aisle at the drug store if we don’t have to. So imagine a male security guard looking in bags and backpacks and women’s purses at the gates of a football game or concert. As soon as the bag is opened up and he sees a few tampons still in the wrapper, he will think twice about putting his hand in there and digging around to look for other things. Tampon Flasks look so much like the real thing, you could place these right on top of all the contents in your purse and cruise through security undetected.

You may recall a few weeks ago we wrote about the NFL bag policy for 2013 that greatly reduces the size and types of bags that will be allowed inside NFL stadiums. In short, the new policy allows three types of bags:

  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12.”
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar).
  • Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap can be taken into the stadium with one of the clear plastic bags.

If you are a female NFL fan, these new rules prohibit you from bringing in your normal purse or backpack. And if you were a pro at hiding airplane sized liquor bottles at the bottom of your purse before this policy, the clear plastic bag mandate necessitates you change your game. Although having tampons visible to all in your clear plastic bag while in line may be a bit of an invasion of privacy, if you use Tampon Flasks, you know in your own mind what’s really in your bag.

Tampon FlaskThe nuts and bolts of these Tampon Flasks is really quite simple but genius all at the same time. These Tampon Flasks resemble test tubes with a resealable, leak proof cap. These “booze tubes” fit one shot of your choice. Once you have filled the tube, cap it off and place it in the tampon wrapper sleeve. Peel the adhesive strip and seal the wrapper around your booze tube. Place them in your purse (or clear plastic bag if going to an NFL game) and watch the security guard’s face grimace with disgust as he opens it up and finds out what is inside. It is pretty foolproof and could not be more simple.

After seeing the Tampon Flasks up close and in person, we knew we had to add these to our online tailgating gear store. With that said, you know that Tampon Flasks are definitely Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved”.

Tampon FlaskTampon Flasks come in a package of five (5) reusable tubes and five (5) one use tampon wrappers. The standard package costs $10 plus postage and packaging. The good news is that if you buy two or three packages on the same order, the price for postage stays the same.

With the high prices of tickets, parking and gasoline, we tailgaters need to save where we can. Paying $15 for a rum and cola inside of a concert is highway robbery. Some venues will not sell mixed drinks and only offer beer and wine. For those that prefer their drinks with a little more kick, these Tampon Flasks will pay for themselves the first time you use them.

Make sure to drink responsibly, know your limit and NEVER drink and drive.

To buy your own set of Tampon Flasks, click HERE.

Power Prop Toss

Posted by Dave On July - 2 - 2013

Although we just flipped the calendar to the month of July, football season and more importantly, tailgating, will be here before you know it. In the interest of testing out and reviewing new products and tailgating games prior to the 2013 football season we discovered another new game that is guaranteed to be something nobody has seen in the parking lot. It’s called Power Prop Toss and it combines elements of cornhole, washers and it’s own rules and game play.

Prop toss featured

At first glance Power Prop Toss looks a lot like washers except the playing surface is not the traditional wooden box. The Power Prop Toss playing surface is actually hard plastic and is actually two pieces that fit together. This makes it easy to transport to the tailgate party and the box it comes in includes a carrying handle to make it even easier. Game play is pretty easy and is well suited for tailgaters of differing ages.

Prop Toss Box openFirst set up the game base, sometimes called the Boat because of the pointed end on the front and the flat rear. The tossing line is 10 feet from the tip of the pointed end of the base. Each player chooses a set of colored discs called props. There are four props of each color and there are three props with three blades and one with four blades. The four bladed prop is called the “power prop”. Think of the power prop as the money ball in a three-point shooting competition in basketball where the points scored are doubled.

The object of the game is to score 31 points exactly without going over. You score points by tossing your props into the numbered holes and as mentioned previously, the power prop scores double. The first player throws all four of their props before the next player throws. The throwing player can throw their props in any combination they choose and can throw the power prop at any time during their turn. Leave the props where they landed until all players have thrown all their props. Props that are knocked into scoring holes by others players score the same had they landed there by the player tossing them.

If a player throws their prop into a hole and a following player throws their prop into the same hole, the points are canceled. The player that scores the most points in that round will throw first in the next round.

Prop Toss BoxTo win the game, a player must score 31 points exactly. A unique scoring aspect of Power Prop Toss is that if you do go over 31, the points you scored in that round will be subtracted from the score you started the round with. Example: Player A has 28 points to start the round and scores five points in that round. This would give Player A 33 points and thus sending them over 31 points. The five points are then subtracted from the score of 28 that they started the round with and they start the next round of tossing with 23 points.

Another unique scoring aspect is that you must score 31 points exactly with no props remaining. If player A needs to score two points to reach 31 and does in fact score two points on their first toss, Player A must hit or land their remaining props on the base or no points will be awarded in that round. Many times in cornhole when a team has reached 21 points and there is no chance the other team can overtake them, their remaining bags are thrown well short of the board to ensure victory. In Power Prop Toss, players must throw accurately enough to hit the base but not score any more points to avoid going over.

After playing with Power Prop Toss a few times we are going to deem it “Tailgate Approved”. The portability is a major factor in this being a great tailgating game. It breaks down easily and sets up quickly as well. I had it out of the box and put together and ready for game play in less than 30 seconds. I also liked the fact that it is a good game for all ages and each player can toss the props in their own unique way. The base is rugged and can withstand a number of seasons of tailgating and is weather resistant. Most wooden cornhole boards or washer toss games if it starts to rain or snow you need to get them out of the weather quickly so they will not warp. Power Prop Toss you can leave out in the rain shower and once it passes go back to playing.

Power Prop Toss is available on Amazon for $90 to $100 depending on which vendor you choose.

Product Review – Johnsonville Mushroom and Swiss Grillers

Posted by Brandon On June - 16 - 2013

Last month I posted my review of Johnsonville’s Bacon and Cheddar Grillers.  In that post I mentioned that I had another flavor to sample, so that’s what today’s review will be about.  Even though the products are very similar, only the flavors differ, I decided to do a little extra for this review. So please read on for our review of Johnsonville’s Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Grillers.


IMG_20130521_184924If you’ll think back to the previous “Grillers” article I spoke about how the flavors were inside of the burger, and that because of this you could add additional toppings that would not be practical otherwise. Well whenever I have a mushroom and swiss burger, I always add bacon.  So I decided to fry up some thick cut bacon to have with these burgers.  I’m also a fan of using BBQ sauce as a condiment on burgers of this type so I decided to do that as well.

The prep for these burgers was basically identical to the previous review with one addition.  I placed a cast iron skillet on my Weber Q100 while the grill was heating up.  After everything was hot I backed the heat IMG_20130521_190252down to about medium and started cooking everything.  I found that with the heat at this temp I was about to do about 2 batches of bacon in the time that it took to cook the frozen patties.  As with any ground meat product you want to make sure that you cook them long enough to reach a safe internal temperature. Since the box states that these need to go to 160°F I made sure to follow those directions.  ( I accidentally took these a little further than they needed to be but better safe than sorry.)

For serving purposes I made burgers by smearing some sesame seed buns with a little KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, added 2 slices of the bacon to each, and then the patties. I also kept one pattie by itself so I could see what the product tasted like by itself.  The burgers were delicious, and on the plain pattie I could definitely taste the mushroom flavor, which was a pleasant surprise, and the swiss cheese was spread throughout.  All in all the Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Grillers are another quality offering from Johnsonville.

IMG_20130521_190949I would definitely declare these “Tailgate Approved.”  In fact I think I liked these even better than the bacon and cheddar version.   Johnsonville Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Grillers come in boxes of six patties, and should be available at your local supermarket.  To learn more about Johnsonville products you can visit their website at www.johnsonville.com.  They also have a pretty active social media presence on Twitter @JvilleGrilling and on Facebook.


The Footballer

Posted by Dave On June - 14 - 2013

Bottler openers. Every tailgate kit needs at least one. More than likely you need multiple bottle openers. Finding that perfect bottle opener that is not only functional but shows your spirit as a tailgater and a fan of your team is hard to find. That is until we discovered The Footballer.

San Diego Chargers Footballer bottle opener

The Footballer is first and foremost a bottle opener that fits into the palm of your hand and easily removes bottle caps.

Alabama Footballer bottle opener(Disclaimer: We did receive samples of The Footballer for free. The fact these samples were provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

Before getting into the functionality of The Footballer, let’s take a look at the design of it. As you can see from the photos, The Footballer looks and feels like a real football. It has detailed bumpy pigskin, raised white ribbed laces, black entrenched threads and a little black air hole valve. I played center back in college so I handled a lot of footballs and this little guy looks and feels like a real football. The shape is perfectly sized for fitting into the palm of your hand which will come in handy later when opening up a bottle.

In addition to the look and feel of The Footballer being authentic, they are officially licensed by all 32 NFL franchises and select number of NCAA colleges and universities. Not only can you open up a bottle effortlessly with a bottle opener that looks and feels like a real football, but you can show off your team pride all while doing it. Now that we have covered the top side of The Footballer, let’s take a look at the bottom side and most notably, the bottle opener.

The bottle opener works exactly as you would expect it to work but with a slight twist. (No pun intended.) One aspect I really enjoyed about The Footballer is that the caps when pried off the bottle neck did not end up being bent. Most bottle openers bend the bottle cap or extend the teeth of the bottle cap and thus destroy the integrity of the bottle cap. The Footballer does not do that. Not that it is a big deal but it is nice to have the caps not all bent up in case you wanted to save them for a game of caps later.

An additional feature is The Footballer contains a small but strong magnet above the bottle opener’s “claw”. This magnet is dual function in that it catches the bottle cap as it is taken off the bottle top and also will hold onto any metal surface like a refrigerator door or a bucket of ice cold beers. It will even stick to the side of your car or truck’s tailgate so it is always within arm’s reach when you are out tailgating the game.

Take a look at the different varieties of Footballers sporting the logos of numerous NCAA and NFL teams.

After testing out the samples we were provided and putting them through a number of rigorous tests, we are going to deem The Footballer to be “Tailgate Approved”.

It is small enough to fit in any tailgate kit, it will stick to the side of your vehicle while out tailgating and is priced affordably considering NFL and NCAA licensing is not cheap. Priced at around $13 per opener, this little guy will be a big hit at your next football tailgate party.

For more information and to see which teams they currently have licensing for, visit: FootballOpener.com.


Now for the good part. If you want one of your own, you have two opportunities to win one and have it shipped to you totally and completely for free.

OPTION 1: Facebook – If you are not already a fan of Tailgating Ideas on Facebook, go ahead and click the “Like” button on our official Tailgating Ideas Facebook Page. Once there, find the wall post promoting this blog post and comment on it with your favorite team and why you deserve to win one for free. Be creative, funny, tug at heart strings or outrageous but please do not bore us. The comment we find the most intriguing and creative will get the free Footballer of their choice. Because this is up to our discretion as to who is most deserving based on their comment, put some thought into it and make it a good one.

OPTION 2: Twitter – If you are not already following us on Twitter, go there right now and follow @TailgatingIdeas. Now that you are a confirmed follower on Twitter, go ahead and cut and paste this into a new tweet.

I want to win a free #Footballer bottle opener from @TailgatingIdeas before next season. You can too! Details: http://buff.ly/1bClUw7

The winner will be chosen at random and the more times you tweet the above, the better your odds of winning. (Just please don’t be obnoxious about it to the point your followers start hating us…) The winner will be contacted via Twitter so be on the lookout for a message from us alerting you that you won.

Deadline to like, comment on Facebook and tweet to win a free Footballer of your choice is Monday, June 17th at midnight eastern daylight time. We will contact the two winners on Tuesday, June 18th to alert them they have won. Please refer to The Footballer website to get an idea of which teams are available before you let us know which team you would like for your prize.

No purchase necessary, probably not legal in some states but we are too lazy to get a lawyer and figure it out. Good luck to everyone.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013

Posted by Dave On June - 6 - 2013

Fathers Day Gift Guide for tailgaters
Father’s Day is June 16th this year. That means if you are as big of slacker as most of us, you probably have not gotten him his gift yet.

Have no fear because if your dad is a tailgater, sports fan or just a plain old cool guy that likes fun stuff, we have compiled another edition of the Tailgating Ideas Father’s Day Gift Guide. (Click HERE for last year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide that also included some pretty cool gadgets and gizmos.)

Whether you want to spoil dad with an expensive gift or you are a broke tailgater yourself with a tight budget, we have a Father’s Day gift idea to fit every need and every budget. So without further introduction, here is the Tailgating Ideas Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide for 2013.

Frost Boss Featured

Frost Boss

Frost Boss – Is your dad always asking you to go to the fridge and get him a cold one? If so, get him a Frost Boss. In short, this is a battery operated canned beverage spinning machine that will take a can that has been sitting out in the sun down to 42 degrees in about 2 minutes. The internal timer shuts off after two minutes and because the can is rotating around the liquid inside and it is never moving, dad doesn’t have to wait to open up the can. Once the Frost Boss spins and shuts off, simply take the can out and open it up and enjoy a cold one that was room temperature two minutes ago. The Frost Boss sells for $40 and you get one for dad HERE.

Heat Shield BBQ Tools Set

Heat Shield BBQ Tools

Heat Shield BBQ Tools – Dad probably loves to grill. One thing he probably doesn’t love is getting the hair on his arms singed off from the heat coming off his grill while turning steaks. These are the barbecue tools with built-in shields that protect hands from heat and flame flare-ups. The included spatula, fork, and tongs each have a stainless steel guard under the handle that swivels to always face the grill regardless of the tool’s position, providing protection when reaching over the cooking surface. The tools telescope from 18 1/4″ to 24″ long and lock into place at any length in between. The spatula and tongs have oversized heads that allow cooks to easily grip and turn large steaks or flip large burgers. Priced at $80 these are a bit more expensive than cheap grill tools but cheaper than a trip to the emergency room. The Heat Shield BBQ Tools are available through Hammacher Schlemmer.

Pong Islands Featured

Pong Islands

Pong Islands – Dads are getting more and more cool as the years go by. With each passing year we see more and more older guys playing beer pong out in the parking lots than ever before. Why not give dad a cool gift that you can enjoy too? They always say, “People tend to give gifts they would like to receive themselves”. This one falls directly into that category. Pong Islands are beer pong racks that quickly mount and are easily removed from the tops of tripod stands. The set up is a breeze and the space it takes up in dad’s tailgating vehicle is minimal. Plus dad will be the coolest tailgater in the parking lot or the backyard BBQ when he breaks out these bad boys that no one has ever seen before. Pong Islands cost $80 for the set and can be purchased HERE.

EZ Fan Feet Featured

EZ Fan Feet

EZ Fan Feet – When dad is out tailgating, he probably goes to great lengths to make sure his pop-up tent does not lift up and relocate with a strong breeze. We all have seen what a gust of wind can do to a canopy and your shade tent can become a kite in a matter of seconds. EZ Fan Feet are football shaped weights that dad can place at the bottom of each tent leg to ensure the tent canopy stays put. Each weight is hollow and when filled with either playground sand or landscape pebble, adds 10 to 12 pounds of weight to each tent leg. The additional weight is great but an added bonus is EZ Fan Feet add an additional six inches of height to the tent for those taller tailgaters that bump their heads. EZ Fan Feet run $50 for a set of four and can be found HERE.



Scorzie – Dads love to play tossing games that score to 21, like horseshoes, darts, cornhole, washers, bocce ball, ladder toss, etc. Dads love playing those games but most of the time struggle remembering the score after having a few adult beverages. If that is the case with your dad, you need to get him a Scorzie. The Scorzie is a drink koozie that not only keeps your canned beverage cold but has two separate scoring bands to keep track of your game. The bands move around the Scorzie so your dad will never have to ask who remembers the score. A single Scorzie is $12.99 plus shipping or buy two for $24.00 plus shipping. Get your dad his own Scorzie HERE.

Outcast Jr Tailgate Party

Outcast Jr

Outcast Jr – You may not always agree with dad’s taste in music but you can both agree that having a killer sound system for outdoors is a key for entertaining. Whether dad is a tailgater or just likes to have some tunes while grilling in the backyard, the Outcast Jr wireless speaker system is pretty damn cool. The Outcast Jr is an outdoor wireless stereo speaker designed to work with Soundcast audio transmitters and can receive signals up to 300 feet outdoors. That’s the length of a football field between the transmitter and the speaker. Also, the speaker has a long-life internal battery. That means if your tailgating neighbors half way down the row invite you down to try their atomic chicken wings, you can bring your tunes with you. Just pick up the Outcast Jr, leave your iPod docked in the iCast Transmitter, and you won’t miss a beat. As you might expect, a high quality product that puts out some high quality sound is not going to be cheap. We looked around the internet and found the $700 price range to be pretty standard and if you want to get dad one this year, check out the ones they have for sale on Amazon.

Shower Beer Buddy

Shower Beer Buddy

Shower Beer Buddy – Who doesn’t love having a beer in the shower before going out for the night? We are sure dad would love to have a beer before your mom drags him out to dinner with his in-laws. In that case he may want to have a few beers in the shower. The Shower Beer Buddy is a cup holder with a heavy duty suction cup that can hold a full 16 oz. can of beer against any flat surface. Originally designed to go on the inside of a shower or the shower door, the Shower Beer Buddy attaches beautifully on the side of a car or the car’s window while out tailgating. It keeps dad’s beverage up and out of the way of potential spills while saving space. Mom might not be too keen on this cup holder looking like a busty bikini babe but your dad will probably appreciate it. The Shower Beer Buddy sells for $10 and you can pick one up for dad HERE.

Smack Hat Featured

Smack Hat

Smack Hat – Tailgaters will dress in jerseys, paint their faces and even their whole bodies but when it comes to the tailgating vehicle, that seems to get neglected. The Smack Hat is a full sized football helmet that attaches to the roof of your vehicle via non-marking magnets. You can drive with the Smack Hat on the roof of your car at full highways speeds up to 80 MPH. While packing up the tailgate party to head inside, simply remove the Smack Hat from the top of the car and lock it up inside the vehicle where nobody can steal it. After the game, place it back on the top of the car and drive home sporting your team’s helmet. The Smack Hat sells for $110.00 and comes in all 32 NFL teams and many NCAA football schools. To get the Smack Hat, visit smackhat.com.

Ryobi RYI2200 Generator

Ryobi RYI2200 Generator

Ryobi RYI2200 Generator – When it comes to tailgating, electrical power is scarce. After all, it is a parking lot. Although portable generators are the power source of choice for tailgaters to run their electronics while tailgating, most generators are either too big, too bulky and most importantly, too loud. Dad could use a break from the loud grinding of a normal generator while he is trying to watch the early games while tailgating. The Ryobi RYI2200 Generator pumps out a maximum of 2200 watts but is as quiet as a Honda EU series generator, widely regarded as the gold standard to which generators are compared for power, fuel efficiency and quietness. Sold exclusively through Home Depot, the Ryobi RYI2200 Generator is terribly affordable at around $600. Compare that to the Honda EU 2000 that normally costs twice that and you can give dad some portable power for the tailgate or for severe weather storms.

College World Series Statue outside TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha
Trip to Omaha, Nebraska – You may be thinking, “Omaha, Nebraska?!?” Hear me out. A trip to Omaha on Father’s Day weekend is a tailgater’s dream come true. The College World Series is held every year in Omaha and is home to some of the best tailgating you will ever find. Even if you want to go to soak up some of the best college baseball, the College world Series is the college baseball equivalent of the NCAA March Madness Final Four or BCS Championship Game. With traditional college baseball powerhouses like LSU, Cal State Fullerton, Florida State, Rice amongst others still alive in the Super Regionals and having a good shot at advancing to Omaha, this year’s field in Omaha looks to be the best in years. A little road trip for you and dad to see some baseball the way it is supposed to be played just might be the perfect gift.




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