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Avoid Hangovers With The Zaca Hangover Patch

Posted by Dave On June - 1 - 2009

A few weeks ago I get an email from a guy named Mark and he introduces me to this thing called the Zaca Organic Hangover Patch. The claim was that it is an adhesive patch you put on your body and wear much like those nicotine patches that help you stop smoking. Instead of preventing you from lighting up this Zaca Hangover Patch prevents you from having a hangover after a long day/night of consuming alcohol. You place the patch on your body when you take your first drink and leave it on for 24 hours. By simply doing that, it is supposed to prevent or or greatly reduce the effects of a traditional hangover symptoms.

I’ll admit it. I was skeptical. I even emailed Mark back telling him that if this patch is Medicine Show Snake Oil and does not prevent hangovers I will not hesitate to reveal that to my readers. He was pretty confident in his product’s claim and still offered to send me a sample. They arrived in the mail a few days later and now I was faced with having to get drunk on purpose to test these hangover patches out. (Tough job, I know.)

If you are pressed for time and do not have time to read the entire testing process I undertook with the Zaca Hangover Patch, I’ll cut to the chase: It worked. The first patch worked so well I decided to test it again, this time with more drinks than the original test. Same result. Little to no hangover at all.

My first test I decided to undergo was with vodka and watermelon. I had seen that my How To Spike a Watermelon post from back in July of last year was receiving quite a bit of traffic lately. (I guess with summer coming up people are looking to get loaded on fruit.) The power of suggestion is a powerful tool so I decided to cut up some watermelon, pour about 12 oz of vodka over the chunks and let it sit for an hour or two. I then ate the watermelon periodically throughout the night while working on this website. (Who said drinking and blogging don’t mix?) Once done with the watermelon chunks there was a fair amount of juice and vodka left over. I continued to drink the juice/vodka mixture periodically until it was all gone. By the way, if you were following me on Twitter you would have been able to catch some of my inane comments as I got more and more intoxicated. After consuming it all, I went to bed as one would normally do after a night of partying.

I got about five hours of sleep that night. (I have two small kids in the house and they get up between 6 am and 7 am every morning no matter what day of the week.) I felt a little groggy when I woke up but that was probably more from the lack of sleep than from the alcohol. I did not have any dry mouth symptoms nor did I have a headache. I figured after 12 shots of vodka I would have a bit of a hangover but apparently the Zaca Hangover Patch prevented those symptoms. Score = Zaca – 1; Hangover – 0.

After a few days I was still a little skeptical. One of the major causes of hangovers is the severe dehydration that comes with the excessive consumption of alcohol. I figured that since watermelon is full of water that the extra liquid prevented the severe dehydration that is a major contributor to hangovers. So instead of consuming alcohol in a nontraditional way, my second test would be of a more mainstream fashion. This next time I was going to do more than 12 shots of liquor and in a normal way one would drink at a bar or a tailgate party. Gin and tonics to the rescue.

I set out to really put the Zaca Hangover Patch to the test. Heading into the second test the only goals I had was to drink at least 13 or more gin and tonics (a 1 oz shot of gin and 8 oz of tonic consisted of one drink) and to not drink any additional water before going to bed. I ended up drinking around 16 to 18 gin and tonics and was definitely feeling the effects of drinking that much. Now 16-18 shots of gin for a normal person might sound like way too much. Keep in mind, I am 6’5″ and close to 300 pounds. Still that amount of alcohol had me rather drunk to the point where I did brush into walls on my way for a refill. I was definitely intoxicated enough that I was confident I would have a hangover the next day. I was updating my progress on Twitter and it is probably the best testimonial I can provide here. Here are the first two Twitter posts I did upon waking up after the gin and tonic night.

Just woke up 15 mins ago. Very little hangover.(See tweets from last night.) should have a huge hangover for what I drank last night.

Pounded a big cup of water & two bowls of cereal with a banana and I am feeling 100%. Color me impressed.

After two tests, the latest one I really pushed the limits, I found the Zaca Hangover Patch to deliver on all of its promises. I am not sure how it works or if it was a placebo effect or not, but I was expecting to be way more hungover than I was. Keep in mind that the Zaca Hangover Patch is not designed to prevent intoxication. They are designed to prevent the classic symptoms of hangovers. Do not be fooled into thinking you have super-human drinking powers because you have this patch on.

For those tailgaters that tend to over-consume while tailgating you’ll need to two things. A designated driver and a Zaca Hangover Patch. Zaca Hangover Patches come in a pack of six and cost $19.99 (normally $23.99). To get your own, visit www.zacalife.com. Also, check out the Zaca Life Blog for more interesting tips and facts about drinking and hangovers.


Father’s Day $100 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway

Posted by Dave On May - 29 - 2009

Last month, we gave away a $50 Home Depot Gift Card. With Father’s Day rapidly approaching (it’s June 21st this year), The Home Depot has upped the ante to you tailgaters and is now offering up a FREE $100 Home Depot Gift Card to the readers of TailgatingIdeas.com.

The Home Depot knows dads can be hard to shop for. So why not give him a specially designed Home Depot Gift Card for Father’s Day and let him choose his own gift? All you need to do is pop into your local Home Depot and you’ll find three new gift card styles. They even have a gift card that looks and feels like duct tape and a gift card that comes with a free 3/8′ drill bit. If you are the online shopping type, go straight to the Home Depot Gift Cards section on the web have a gift card delivered directly to your dad. Gift Cards delivered in the continuous 48 states qualify for free ground shipping.

So how do you win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card for yourself from TailgatingIdeas.com? It’s pretty simple. Leave a comment below and that earns you one entry. (You can earn multiple entries like last time but with a few twists this time around.) In order to be entered into the drawing: Read the rest of this entry »

Tailgating Gear Review: The Bag-Caddy

Posted by Dave On May - 25 - 2009

Bag-Caddy with linerTailgating can be messy and creates a lot of trash. Keeping a neat and tidy tailgating space is always a great idea and appreciated by those around you. Most tailgaters I see will tie a trash bag to their bumper, hang it from a table leg or use one of those collapsible trash cans that are spring loaded. They really don’t get the job done because the loose bag tends to be a hassle if it does not stay open by itself. I was looking for a better way to have the convenience of a sturdy trash can without hauling a hard sided plastic trash can to the tailgate parking lot. I was looking for something that would be lightweight, fold or roll up easily but still have the rigidity of a plastic or metal trash can. Those soft-sided Collapsible Trash Cans fold down and are a disc shape when not in use and take up too much space in your car. Also they are pretty flimsy when they are in use and do not hold trash bags open very well. I recently discovered The Bag-Caddy and it really is exactly the type of trash receptacle I was looking for.

The Bag-Caddy is made of flexible yet sturdy plastic that rolls up and holds itself together when not in use or during transit to your tailgate. It takes less than 30 seconds to unroll it, lock the unit together into a circle and  less than 30 seconds to lock and load a trash bag into it. In less than a minute your trash can is up and ready for use leaving you more time for tailgating. Check out the video demonstration below that walks you through the process of setting up the Bag-Caddy.

There are a number of features I liked the most about The Bag-Caddy. The biggest benefit of the Bag-Caddy was the four die-cuts at the top that hold the bag in place. Having the ease and convenience of a bag that will not slip down into the cylinder is always one less thing you have to hassle with while you are tailgating. Another bonus is the fact that you lift the Bag-Caddy up and off your bag when it is time to clean up and toss the bag into the dumpster. Most other tailgating trash cans you need to lift the bag along with its heavy contents out of the cylinder rather than lifting the cylinder off of the bag. (Tailgaters with back problems will appreciate that feature more than you can imagine.) Lastly, the sturdy plastic design that rolls up and takes up very little space in your vehicle is another great feature. I have a Bag-Caddy of my own and it works great. Check out the photos and click each one for an enlarged view.

Bag-Caddy with linerBag-Caddy without linerBag-Caddy with liner

I found the Bag-Caddy to be quite versatile and not just useful for tailgating. The Bag-Caddy is also great for usage around the house when you are not tailgating. If you have ever raked a pile of leaves and struggled with keeping the bag open to put the leaves in, you know how useful it is to have a can that holds the bag open. Instead of dragging a heavy and rigid trash can all over the yard, the Bag-Caddy can be easily lifted over the filled bag and placed in a new area of the yard. I am planning on using mine in the garage when I am not tailgating and using it for holding aluminum cans to be recycled.

The Bag-Caddy currently comes in three different styles. The plain, Bag-Caddy style as you can see in the above photos along with Kansas State and University of Kansas styles are also available. All three styles of Bag-Caddy are $19.99. Custom designs are available but you’ll need to contact the folks at Bag-Caddy directly to discuss design specs and quantities. For more information or to get your own Bag-Caddy, visit Bag-Caddy.com.

Baking Cookies Like a Man On The Bubba Keg Grill

Posted by Dave On May - 22 - 2009

We all would agree that fresh baked cookies always taste better than store bought or ones that have been sitting around for a while. So how do you get fresh baked cookies at the end of a great meal while tailgating? Bake them on the Bubba Keg Grill, of course.

For the uninitiated, the Bubba Keg Grill’s top and bottom dampers allow you to adjust the air flow and oxygen level getting to your lump charcoal. That feature coupled with the double walled, insulated convection style design makes it just like a regular convection oven but the versatility of taking it outdoors. With that said, I wondered if I could use it like any other convection oven, i.e. bake cookies on the Bubba Keg Grill. I am happy to report that it was a success. See the photos below and click each for larger view:


Right off the bat, please disregard the heart shaped cookie sheet. It was the only round cookie sheet in the house and the rectangular ones would not fit on the Bubba Keg Grill. If you would like to bake cookies on your own Bubba Keg Grill, I would suggest using round pizza pans for cookie sheets.

Because this was an experiment that I was not 100% sure would work, I used your run of the mill Nestle Toll House cookie dough you can buy in the tube at any grocery store. There would be no point in going to all the trouble of making cookies from scratch if this technique was not going to work.

bubba_keg_cookies_004.jpgWhat I did was I got the Bubba Keg Grill up to about 500 degrees much like I would if I were tailgating and grilling meats. I gently adjusted the top and bottom dampers down and was able to get the Bubba Keg Grill to consistently maintain 375 degrees, the recommended cooking temperature on the cookie packaging. I then proceeded as I normally would had I been working with a conventional oven in my home kitchen. I put the cookies on the sheet, placed the cookie sheet on the grill, closed the top, set the timer and went back inside the house to watch the game. The timer went off and the cookies were done to perfection as you can see in the photo to the right.

I took them off the sheet and let them cool. Once cooled, I tried one and they tasted just as they would normally had they been cooked in a traditional oven. There was no smokey flavor. The bottoms of the cookies were not burned because the charcoal was under the pan. Based on the taste, no one would have known they were “baked” on a BBQ grill.

So if you are craving fresh baked cookies while tailgating, try baking them on the Bubba Keg Grill. I would suggest grilling all your meats first because they normally require higher temperatures. Once all your meats are done, reduce the top and bottom dampers to the point the coals maintain a consistent temperature of 375 or whatever temperature your cookies require. Once you are done baking your cookies, close down the dampers all the way and let the natural lump charcoal burn itself out for later use. Now when tailgating you can have your cake cookies and eat it them too.

Grill Charms A Must Have Tailgating Accessory

Posted by Dave On May - 20 - 2009

Grill Charms BoxWhether you are the Grill Sergeant for a big tailgating crowd or you man the grill for a more intimate tailgate party, I have found a product that will avoid complaints, food allergy reactions and make you the tailgating hero without any effort on your part. The product is called Grill Charms and they are dime-sized solid stainless steel charms you place in food prior to cooking. Depending on the styles and collection your prefer they can help you identify grilled meats that are smothered in spicy marinades, are grilled medium rare or can alert to a possible food allergy, i.e. peanut sauce was used. You grill meats as you normally would and when it is time to serve, there is no question which piece of chicken was soaking all night in Uncle Henry’s 12-alarm fire habanero marinade.

They say necessity is the mother of all invention and that is just the case with Grill Charms. Leslie Haywood is the Founder and President of Charmed Life Products, LLC, and she invented Grill Charms after a bad experience with some spicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken. As you might imagine, her husband mixed up which pieces of chicken were marinated in which sauce and Leslie got a spicy piece when she was expecting a mild one. That led her to develop grill charms so the mistake was not repeated. Her invention was so well received it even landed her a spot on CNBC’s “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”. Take a look.

When I first saw Grill Charms I thought they would be perfect not only for tailgating but for use at home as well. My Mother-in-Law likes her steaks well done. Yes, it kills me every time I have to essentially burn and ruin a steak for her but that is the way she likes it. My wife likes her steak medium. I personally like mine on the medium rare to rare side. (Depending on my mood I like my steak so rare that a good vet can have it up on it’s feet in about 30 minutes.) So now with Grill Charms, my wife, my mother-in-law and I can essentially pick out which steak we want before they hit the grill and there is no confusion as to which one goes on first and which one will get just a few grill marks.

As I mentioned earlier, Grill Charms come in four different varieties; The Steak Collection, The Spicy Collection, The Charmed Life Collection and The Pink Collection. Here is a brief synopsis of what each Grill Charm Collection is all about:

The Spicy Collection – Grillers can offer mild, medium and spicy sauces and rubs without any confusion anymore. These three versions of Grill Charms offer a pepper with an X through it to indicate mild sauces, a regular pepper for regular and a pepper with fire under it to indicate spicy. No longer will you get dirty looks from someone that got a mouthful of spicy when they were expecting mild. Another great benefit to using the spicy collection, an unsuspecting tailgater that accidentally gets a spicy piece of meat won’t drink your entire beer cooler trying to put the fire out. That’s worth the price of buying an entire set right there.

The Charmed Life Collection – This collection has images of things like sailboats, martini glasses, four-leafed clovers, etc. Things that indicate someone is living a charmed life. These charms work great for people who have specific dietary needs like a low sodium or low carb diet. This way there is no confusion when the food comes off the grill and you won’t have to rush your pal with the peanut allergy to the hospital and miss the game. Just make sure those people with food allergies or taste preferences remember which charm they chose before they start drinking. It’s kind of like trying to remember if you were the race car or the shoe in Monopoly after a few Jagermeister shots.

The Steak Collection – While still uncooked, simply place the Grill Charms into steaks or burgers with the desired doneness charm. The Steak Collection uses letters such as R to indicate Rare, MR = Medium Rare, M for Medium and MW =Medium Well. (No Grill Charm with WD for Well Done but then again, if you have a person that likes it that way, they’ll probably be able to know which one is theirs by comparing it to one of the charcoal briquettes.) With the Steak Collection Grill Charms there is no more cutting into the steaks to find the one you want. You simply look for your Grill Charm and start eating.

The Pink Collection – The Pink Collection has charms similar to the Charmed Life Collection in that the symbols are those of a chef’s hat, ladies shoe, a swan, etc. The thing that sets these apart is that 10% of the proceeds from The Pink Collection will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help fund breast cancer research and find a cure. Leslie Haywood’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she herself is a breast cancer survivor. You can rest assured that this is not just lip service to make you feel good that the company is donating to a worthy cause just to get you to buy their product. Leslie has two young daughters herself so you know she is desperately looking for a way to cure this disease so that her daughters do not have to face it in the future.

Grill Charms Chicken

The introduction to this product could not have been more perfectly timed. The obvious uses for tailgating is quite apparent but Grill Charms would make a perfect gift for any tailgater or outdoor/indoor griller. Father’s Day is right around the corner and Grill Charms would be that unique gift idea for the dad that is sick of getting a neck tie every year. Graduation gift ideas are always a struggle and Grill Charms would make a great gift for that college grad that will be taking their tailgating to the next level now that they are officially an alumnus. Lastly, Grill Charms would be that unique groomsmen gift idea you are searching for. Grill Charms beat the hell out of the boring old engraved flask or monogrammed cuff links. (I’ve been in a number of weddings and I would have much preferred to receive a set of Grill Charms than the six or seven pewter flasks I have collecting dust in my liquor cabinet.)

Each box of Grill Charms, no matter the type of collection your prefer, is $19.95 for a set of six. Individual charms sell for $4 a piece. You can purchase them on the web at the GrillCharms.com.




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