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Video: Bubba Keg Convection Grill

Posted by Dave On March - 30 - 2009

A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to have the Bubba Keg Convection Grill arrive on my doorstep. I had heard that this new piece of equipment was going to rival the dominance that the Big Green Egg has enjoyed in the grill/smoker market. Then again, it looks cooler just by the mere fact it looks more like a beer keg than a lame green egg. I was able to put it through its paces and I was quite impressed.

The Bubba Keg Grill is not just your ordinary charcoal grill. Actually putting charcoal briquettes in this thing would be an insult. (Only natural lump charcoal is the recommended fuel for the Bubba Keg.) This unit is a combo outdoor convection cooker/grill/smoker that I can not justify the versatility of this grill in one posting. The Bubba Keg is so complex, and by complex I do not mean hard to use but complex as in versatile, that this will be a multi-part testing and review process. Excpect more testing results on how fast it heats up, slow cooks, smokes and sears meat to appear on the website in the following days. But for now, I give you the Bubba Keg demonstration video to see just how it works and performs.

Beverage Bead Provides Hands Free Drinking and Tailgating

Posted by Dave On March - 24 - 2009

Beverage Bead girlsWere you the kid that exclaimed “Look Ma, no hands!”? Have you ever had the urge to appear as if you were wearing over sized Mardi Gras beads and be able to drink without using your hands? What about the need to consume 26 oz of liquid suspended from your neck? If you answered yes to any of these questions I have found the ultimate tailgate party conversation starter, the Beverage Bead.

The Beverage Bead is a hollow beverage container that hangs comfortably from your neck via a lanyard and per the manufacturer, can be filled with up to 26 oz. of liquid. (I have my own Beverage Bead and was able to get a total of 36 oz. in it. Shhh, don’t tell.) With a Beverage Bead around your neck all you need to do is adjust the strap so that the “beads” hang low enough that the plastic flex form straw is about an inch or two below your chin when looking straight forward. When you are ready to take a drink, simply tilt your head down and take a pull. This leaves your hands free for other activities like flipping burgers on the grill or testing the firmness of a fellow tailgaters derriere. Once you have finished the contents, both ends of the beverage bead unscrew which allows for easy, end-to-end cleaning. The dual openings are also ideal for when you are refilling your Beverage Bead.

The concept was originally conceived in Louisiana (what a shocker, huh?) and it is currently offered in a number of color patterns including LSU Purple and Gold and New Orleans Saints Black and Gold. Other colors include Red, White and Blue for you patriotic Americans that want to get hammered without using your hands. You just missed out of getting one in Green and White for St. Patrick’s Day but there is still time to get the FiestaCinco de Mayo colors of Red, White and Green. Fill it up with Margaritas and you will be the partier everyone is talking about and will want to meet.

When I first saw the Beverage Bead I figured it would only be useful around Mardi Gras time. That is not the case. The Beverage Bead just screams usefulness for a Kenny Chesney or Jimmy Buffett concert. Fill the Beverage Bead up with a blender drink, grab a cheese burger in paradise and you are concert tailgating in style.

The Beverage Bead is affordably priced at under 10 bucks but shipping and handling are extra. Custom colors and imprinting is available on very large orders. You’ll just need to call (1-800-737-7555) and get a quote on special custom orders.

Videos: Yeti Coolers

Posted by Dave On March - 20 - 2009

Having a quality cooler while tailgating is essential to not only keeping your beer cold but for food safety as well. Many tailgaters still use the old cooler they had back in college or their dad gave it to them after one too many camping trips.

I recently discovered these videos from Yeti Coolers. I haven’t tried one out myself but from the videos, it looks to be a high quality and extremely durable cooler that will last you many tailgating seasons.

Yeti Cooler vs. 500 lb Man

YETI Coolers — Tundra Series

YETI Coolers — Custom Logo Coolers


Pool Pong Rack Just In Time For Spring Break

Posted by Dave On March - 15 - 2009

Pool Pong Rack In WaterSince Spring Break is already in full swing for some campuses and others it is about to start, here is a product that is one of those “must have” accessories for any self-respecting Spring Breaker. (Yeah, I know these really can’t be used tailgating but they sure are a lot of fun.)

So you want to play beer pong but you don’t want to get out of the pool? Inflate these two floating Pool Pong Racks in less than a minute each and pace them in the water face up. Place six cups in the cup holders within the Pool Pong Rack and fill with Natty Light. (What? You think college kids drink good beer while on Spring Break?) Play Beer Pong, or Beirut depending on your preferred nomenclature, as you normally would. Because each Pool Pong Rack floats independently from your opponent’s, it makes the game a bit more challenging depending on water currents and wind direction.

I tested out the Pool Pong Rack for myself and snapped a few photos. Click on the images to view full size and in greater detail.


In addition to the six cup slots, the Pool Pong Rack is also designed to work in conjunction with the N-Ice Rack. Freeze your N-Ice Rack and place it in the Pool Pong Rack and you never have to worry about drinking warm beer again. Also, use of a N-Ice Rack expands the game to include 10 cups instead of just six had you used the Pool Pong Rack by itself. Combining the Pool Pong Rack and the N-Ice Rack are crucial this time of year when the weather is hot and you are playing outside in the sun.

pool_pong_n-ice_rackjpg.jpgAnother cool feature of the Pool Pong Rack is that when you are not playing a game of beer pong, it serves as a floating drink holder. Just make sure to use Etch-It Cups and put your name on your beer or you could end up drinking someone’s backwash.

You can get your own Pool Pong Rack directly from our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com for $19.95 + $7.00 shipping via UPS to anywhere in the U.S. Buy Pool Pong Rack and add on a N-Ice Rack and we’ll pick up the additional shipping costs. You can be the partiers that get noticed with a Pool Pong Rack this Spring Break.

american_tailgater_125.jpgTailgating is all about having the right gear and having fun. Tailgating gear is different from all other types of “camping” gear because it needs to be lightweight yet durable, look cool but still be functional. going further, we want small and compact gear in order to fit more stuff in your tailgating vehicle. I am proud to introduce you to our newest sponsor, The American Tailgater Catalog who has all those aspects covered and more.

The American Tailgater Catalog is an online shopping source for all things unique and different to take your tailgate to the next level. You won’t find ordinary folding chairs or weak hibachi grills on their website. All the items are geared towards the hardcore and the casual tailgater and sports fans.  Want to brand your team’s logo on your burgers? They have NCAA Logo Branding Irons for that. How about a Game-day Trailer Hitch Table? They carry that too.

And it doesn’t just stop there. They have all kinds of stuff to make you a better tailgater. I am sure after a few clicks you’ll find something you don’t have and have wondered how you have tailgated without it. Check them out and make sure to tell them you heard about them from TailgatingIdeas.com.





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