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Gaming at the Game

Posted by Chris On September - 7 - 2009

Madden NFL 09Image via Wikipedia

By this time there is a good chance that you have already made your Wal-Mart purchase at exactly one minute passed midnight.  You then proceeded to call out of work the following day.  Since then you have been locked in your mother’s basement, talking to countless strangers through a UFO-like headset, honing your skills for, well for what exactly?!?

Get your ass out of the basement and down to the lot.  Madden 2010 is (or it should be) coming to a tailgate near you.  Cornhole, ring toss, and beer pong are classics but none of the above allows to you whoop on the day’s upcoming opponent like Madden 2010.

Tailgaters are already bringing big screens down to the parking lot.  And if you are there for a 1 pm kick-off is there anything really worthwhile on the tube?  This fan (and I can’t be alone here) can only take so much Chris Berman on the ESPN pregame show.  So put the TV to good use and hook-up the Madden.

Start a season tournament with your fellow tailgaters, with the playoffs and championship game timing up perfectly with the season’s last few home games.  At the first game collect entry fees.  Winner takes all or maybe 2nd place at least gets their entry fee returned.

To add excitement for those tailgaters not playing, divide them up into sides and make it a drinking game.  Touchdown, drink.  Interception, drink. Fumble, drink. Field goal, drink.  Hell, running play, drink; passing play, drink.  The drinking game possibilities are truly endless.

And if the home team losses the real contest, well play another game before heading home.  Get your revenge on.  What better way to sober up before heading home than some Madden?  A chance to kill off the leftovers and wait out the traffic.

So start a new tradition this season.  Bring some technology to the tailgate games.  Playing Madden right before kick-off might even give your Madden obsession some meaning.  It’s like you are truly part of the team.

You already have the jersey on.  They may be mustard or sauce stains on the jersey, but stains nonetheless.  And you are only a few hundred feet away from the stadium where the animation characters are appearing in reality.  Sounds pretty sweet to me.  Oh yeah, and the wife (or for those basement dwellers, mom) can’t yell at you for getting your Madden on!

September 20 it will be the Eagles and Saints at 10am in the lot and then Eagles and Saints at 1pm in the Linc.

The Shot Caller Keeps The Time While You Do The Shots

Posted by Dave On September - 4 - 2009

Although beer pong and flip cup seem to dominate the tailgating binge drinking landscape, there are a few hardcore tailgaters that will play Power Hour or Century Club. Both of these drinking games involve drinking a 1 oz shot of beer every 60 seconds. (Power hour is 60 shots in an hour and Century Club is 100 shots in 100 minutes.) Sounds simple until you try it.

The problem with these games is you have to have some sort of a “time keeper”. The time keeper has to constantly keep an eye on the clock and has to shout out “DRINK” or blow a whistle or alert everyone of their drinking responsibilities every 60 seconds. Kind of a hassle. But now there comes the Shot Caller; a clock that counts down at 60 second intervals with a loud alert system.

The Shot Caller

It comes complete with Red, Yellow and Green LED lights to let you know how far away you are from taking your next shot. The digital numbers on the top count down much like the shot clock in a basketball game. It has the option of being set for 60 or 100 minutes. As an added bonus, the Shot Caller comes equipped with four shot glasses just in case you don’t have any. (Right, like that’s the one thing your place is missing…)

The Shot Caller will run you less than 10 bucks and if you order two you get free shipping. Get more info from their official website TheShotCaller.com

Beer Review: Piraat

Posted by Mike On September - 3 - 2009

This week’s beer review is going to take a complete turn from the last one. Last time out we reviewed Steel Reserve 211 and it got some mixed reviews from the sample group that joined me with that one. Well, this time we will do a 180 and review a beer that will most likely never be found at Wal-Mart for 6 bucks a 12-pack, I’m very sad to report.

This time out we will be reviewing an imported beer from Belgium called Piraat. In the name of full disclosure, I need to admit that this beer is easily one of my favorite beers of all time. It has been a favorite for years so my review may be a bit biased. Piraat is what is referred to as an IPA or India Pale Ale. This form of beer came about in the 18th century when British brewers were ordered to produce a high alcohol/high hops beer to go aboard ships for long voyages. At this time water was near impossible to store for long voyages and beer was most often used to drink instead. (With the current water shortages I believe this practice should be started up again!) Anyway, this style of beer was used by both naval vessels and Pirates alike….hence the name Piraat. This form of beer is also referred to as a triple or tripel due to the use of up to three times the malt in the brewing process. This gives way to the eventual high alcohol content, in this instance, 10.5%. Along with the high alcohol content came a high hops content as well to act as a beer stabilizer on the long voyages. Piraat is referred to as a living beer since it is re-fermented in the bottle. This beer has what is referred to as a high food value which also made it popular on ships along with the alcohol content giving way to a pirate type attitude. I know… enough history. What about the beer?

Appearance: I poured it nice and slow into a Piraat tulip glass that provides for a drink that allows the smell to compliment the taste. It appears sort of golden and hazy with a slight amber color to it. The head is thick and white and can be extensive if poured quickly.

Smell: This beer actually smells both spicy and sort of sweet at the same time. The hops are present in the smell but beneath, a slight smell of fruit. This beer is meant to be served slightly warmer than traditional lagers and the smell and taste become more prominent as it warms.

Taste: Have to admit that the first time I tried Piraat, the very first sip seemed off to me. This very well may have been that it was so much different than the beer that I had just before it. Never being one to quit on a beer, I pushed on. As the beer rested and warmed, the flavors really came out which is why this beer is best enjoyed in a non-hurried drinking style. Piraat is complex with both hints of fruit and spice balanced in such a way to hide the high alcohol content. The further along you get, the more tastes come out. Each sip seemed to taste a bit different than the last until I had finished the 25.4oz bottle. By then I was hooked. This beer is one that I couldn’t wait to try again….and again.

Alcohol by volume: 10.5%

Cost:I’m not going to lie to you. It’s expensive. A 11.2 oz bottle, which will only tease you, costs about $3.50. The 25.4 oz runs around $10 a bottle.

Final Thought: If you have any pirate in you, or know you’re a fan of strong golden ale, then I would suggest you try it. This beer however isn’t for everyone and most likely not a tailgate beer for the masses. The strong ABV makes this a sipping beer that goes better with a nice dinner or advertised as a great after dinner beer with a cigar. (I haven’t tried that yet.) For me, this beer isn’t a Sunday morning kick off beer. Piraat is more of a Monday Night, fourth quarter celebration beer since our team is kicking butt and covering the spread. Piraat is available at specialty beer stores in 30 liter kegs, 11.2 oz bottles, 25.4 oz bottles, 1.5 liter magnums, and a Salamanazar 9 liter giant.

Take $30 Off Cruzin Coolers Through September 30th

Posted by Dave On September - 3 - 2009

Cruzin Cooler 500 Watt Electric Motorized CoolerEveryone loves a great deal. When it is a great deal on tailgating gear it is even better.

If you have even seen one of those motorized beer coolers zipping around the tailgate lot and thought you wanted one, now is the time to get one. Not only is your timing perfect because football season is about to start but you can also get $30 off your purchase from Compact Appliance by using coupon code: 30CRUZINSEPT.

This a fully-functioning insulated motorized cooler that can hold twenty-four (24) 12 oz cans and eight pounds of ice. It will also scoot you around the tailgating area with a top speed of 13 MPH. The Cruzin Cooler 500 Watt Electric Motorized Cooler has an electric motor with an operating range of 15 miles. You can recharge the motorized cooler after each use. Also this motorized beer cooler safely supports a rider up to 250 pounds, although it has been tested to hold up to 540 pounds.A word of warning. Be careful when you ride these and remember, Don’t Drink & Drive – Even on a Beer Cooler

Now with a $30 off coupon (30CRUZINSEPT) valid through the end of the month of September 2009, there is no excuse to be without one. Go to Compact Appliance to get your own.

Ion TAILGATER Rocks Your Tailgate Party For 8 Hours

Posted by Dave On September - 1 - 2009

The MP3 format has revolutionized the way we play music at a tailgate party. Before it was CD boom boxes or just rolling down your windows of your car and blasting the car stereo. Now with iPods, iPhones, Zunes and any other MP3 players on the market, you can play hours of music without killing your car battery or lugging a bulky CD player. But this isn’t a history lesson on the MP3… this is how you can play those iPods and iPhones while tailgating while getting maximum sound and playing time in a portable but powerful package. It’s called the TAILGATER from ION Audio.

Ion Tailgater sound system

It looks like a small guitar amp but this sound system features single-unit construction with speakers, amplifier, audio inputs and a dock for iPod all in one box. This high-powered, two-way speaker system has a built-in battery with level indicator for up to eight hours of cordless sound. If you brought a generator or a good power inverter just plug in TAILGATER’s power cord and rock out as long as you want. TAILGATER’s enhanced bass output creates full, rich sound that’s perfect for tailgating. The Ion TAILGATER has an integrated dock for your iPod so you can play your tunes easily. You can also plug in the included microphone so you can let the opposing team’s fans hear just how badly their team is going to get stomped that day. It weighs in at 20 pounds and dimensions are 12.5′ wide x 9.5″ deep x 14″ high. The TAILGATER features heavy-duty construction for years of enjoyment including a convenient carry handle for packing and unloading in and out of your tailgating vehicle. Take a look at this video demo. The guy doing the demo is speaking in Dutch but you can get the idea of the features of the Ion Tailgater from it.

The TAILGATER by ION Audio is available for purchase via our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com for $199.99 + $15 flat rate shipping to the continental United States. Get your own TAILGATER by ION Audio and make your music the music your tailgating neighbors listen to…. whether they like it or not.





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