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american_tailgater_125.jpgTailgating is all about having the right gear and having fun. Tailgating gear is different from all other types of “camping” gear because it needs to be lightweight yet durable, look cool but still be functional. going further, we want small and compact gear in order to fit more stuff in your tailgating vehicle. I am proud to introduce you to our newest sponsor, The American Tailgater Catalog who has all those aspects covered and more.

The American Tailgater Catalog is an online shopping source for all things unique and different to take your tailgate to the next level. You won’t find ordinary folding chairs or weak hibachi grills on their website. All the items are geared towards the hardcore and the casual tailgater and sports fans.  Want to brand your team’s logo on your burgers? They have NCAA Logo Branding Irons for that. How about a Game-day Trailer Hitch Table? They carry that too.

And it doesn’t just stop there. They have all kinds of stuff to make you a better tailgater. I am sure after a few clicks you’ll find something you don’t have and have wondered how you have tailgated without it. Check them out and make sure to tell them you heard about them from TailgatingIdeas.com.


Tailgate In Comfort With The Tailgate Couch

Posted by Dave On March - 9 - 2009

Tailgate Couch HottiesTailgating is all about enjoying yourself away from home but with as many comforts of home as possible. Folding camping chairs are the standard when it comes to tailgate party seating but they are not super comfortable. Lugging your entire sofa set or your Barcalounger to the tailgating lot is unfeasible. They are too big, too heavy and too bulky. But now there is a way to be super comfortable while tailgating and all you need is a pick-up truck tailgate and the Tailgate Couch. (Click on any image for larger view.)

As you can see from the images below, the Tailgate Couch converts any full sized truck tailgate into a comfortable couch. I tested it out for myself and I found the Tailgate Couch to be very comfortable and heavy duty while being extremely lightweight and easy to set up. I am a pretty big dude weighing about 285 at the time the above photo was taken. You can see that the back of the Tailgate Couch easily supports my weight. My friend, whose truck we tested the Tailgate Couch out on, weighs in the 225 range. We both sat on the Tailgate Couch simultaneously and leaned back on the back of the couch. It supported both of our weight no problem. That’s over 500 pounds combined and the Tailgate Couch handled it flawlessly. So no worries if you normally tailgate with “Big Wally” who has a rib and doughnut eating fetish. The Tailgate Couch will probably be able to handle him too.

Tailgate Couch Red truckTailgate Couch Back ViewDave on Tailgate CouchTailgate Couch Folded

Another added benefit of the Tailgate Couch is that it is a chick magnet. Seriously, if given the choice of sitting on a hard metal tailgate or on the soft comfort of the Tailgate Couch, I am betting all the women will opt for choice No. 2. I hate to stereotype but I am willing to bet on this.

Before you discount the Tailgate Couch as a glorified futon cushion removed from the wooden frame, this item is specifically designed to fit on the tailgate of a pick-up truck. (The Tailgate Couch doesn’t fit “step side” or “flair side” models. If your tailgate is 5 feet wide, the Tailgate Couch will fit.) The cargo strap that is used while the unit is set up on tailgate is also used to secure the unit in the folded position for storage and transportation. The strap doubles as a handle to carry it to and from your tailgate. The Tailgate Couch will fold completely flat and can be used as a bed and fits between the wheel wells of a pickup truck bed. That’s good news for your overindulgent tailgating friends who may need a little nap time before kick-off if they hit the margaritas too hard.

Here are some other detailed specs:

  • The Tailgate Couch weighs less than 20 pounds.
  • The Tailgate Couch is washable. Just remove the foam cushions, hand wash using cold water and line dry.
  • The Tailgate Couch is made of durable materials for a long life.
  • The Tailgate Couch cover is made of a high quality nylon material that is both stain and water resistant. The same material used to make high quality backpacks.
  • Each cushion of the Tailgate Couch measures 22 inches by 30 inches with a 3 inch foam pad and 4 cushions per couch.
  • When folded into a cube for transportation/storage, the Tailgate Couch measures 22 inches x 30 inches x 12 inches.
  • The Tailgate Couch has a 1 year limited warranty.

You can buy your own Tailgate Couch directly from our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com. Price is $199.00 and that includes shipping to the continental United States via FedEx Ground. (Sorry Alaska and Hawaii, you’ll need to contact us for special shipping rates.) The Tailgate Couch comes in two styles, Green Camo with black trim or classic Red with white trim. Buy Tailgate Couch by clicking Here.

If you are still not convinced you should get a Tailgate Couch, listen to these 10 reasons from these tailgating girls. Their delivery may be a bit stiff but I’ll bet you’ll make it all the way through the 90 second clip.

You may or may not be familiar with The Carnivore but I am willing to bet any tailgater worth his salt that has seen it would kill to have it. It’s a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD that converts into a sports bar/outdoor kitchen with the push of a button. It was originally priced at $250,000 but I just heard word the price has been slashed drastically to $98,750.00! From a quarter-million to just under 100 Grand, are you kidding me? That’s one helluva a discount and you get this impeccable tailgating machine? Keep in mind this rig was one of the five finalist in the Tostitos “Beat My Tailgate” Contest back during football season. Take a look at the video to see how this converts from a regular truck to the ultimate tailgating machine on four wheels.

Here are the highlights before getting into the nitty gritty of the specs. The Carnivore has two Freedom Grills, an FG-100 on the back and an FG-50 on the front. There are a total of 7 TV screens, a KVH satellite, and a refrigerated center console and the satellite and TVs are built right into the tonneau cover.

Detailed specs on this bad boy.


Exterior Modifications

Interior Modifications

Bed Audio & Video

If you have a spare 100 grand laying around, you could do worse than to buy this thing. And now that the price has been lowered to more than 50% off, it is like stealing.

If you are interested (Please, only serious inquiries) contact Steve at Freedom Grill and make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Video: Demo of the Tailgate PartyMate Table System

Posted by Dave On March - 4 - 2009

Back in June we introduced you to a new entry into the tailgating gear realm known as the Tailgate PartyMate. Simply put, it is two tailgating tables that are transported to and from the tailgate party via your 2″ tow hitch receiver.

Corky Bless, the inventor of the Tailgate Party Mate, put together two quick demo videos on the set up and take down of the Tailgate Party Mate. Check ‘em out.

You can buy your own Tailgate Partymate directly from our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com. The Tailgate Party Mate runs $249 + $20 shipping and handling. This item will ship directly from the manufacturer located in the San Diego, Calif. area.

Never Pay Retail Again For Beer Pong

Posted by Dave On March - 3 - 2009

The typical path for the different kinds of shots.Image via Wikipedia

In today’s economy we all could stand to save a little money. That’s why I am sharing with you a website I recently discovered that will help you save some of that hard earned cash on beer pong no less.

You have probably heard of those coupon websites like retailmenot.com or FatWallet.com. At those sites you punch in the name of the online store you want to buy from and the website returns online coupon codes that others have used and have decided to share. Not a bad deal but these sites cater to those online Big Box stores or other Ecommerce sites that have broad appeal to the masses. Getting coupons for tailgating might be a bit more tricky because it is a niche market. Finding coupons in order to continue your obsession with playing beer pong was nearly impossible until BeerPongCoupons.com was introduced.

Now you can price compare all different brands of beer pong tables and accessories all in one location. They have product reviews along with a way to submit new coupon codes you may have discovered. When price comparing, the site is even nice enough to let you know exactly how much you are saving over paying the regular retail price.

Coupons are updated daily and guaranteed 100%. Once a coupon expires, it is removed from the website so you only see what’s absolutely valid. There’s no membership fees, no giving up of your email info either. Just search the site, grab the codes and enter them at checkout. Not a bad deal at all.

If you are in the market for a new beer pong table and money is a bit tight, check them out at BeerPongCoupons.com.




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