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Lumipic Cornhole Lights Changed For 2009

Posted by Dave On August - 5 - 2009

lumipic_white_001.jpgYou’ve probably already seen those cool cornhole lights that lay on top of the game boards from Lumipic. Using electroluminescent technology these cornhole lights are better than bag-o-laterns in that they not only outline the hole but the perimeter of the cornhole board as well. After all, the whole board is a scoring surface and not just the hole. (Click the image to the left for a better look.)

The Lumipic overlays have undergone some changes since last football season. The biggest change on this year’s models compared to last year’s is that the blinking arrows pointing to the lighted circle have been removed. This was done in order to conserve battery life and in the process made the overlays more durable. Also, gone are the different color options and white is the only color available. To see what the new cornhole lights look like lit up, take a look at the video below.

Despite the changes, you can still order Lumipic lighted cornhole overlays directly from our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com. All Lumipic lighted cornhole board overlays are $134.99 per set with $15.00 flat shipping within the continental United States. Lumipic cornhole light overlays come in white only. (Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii cost extra, sorry.)

Check out more photos of the 2009 version of the Lumipic Lighted Cornhole Overlays by clicking the images below for a closer look.


You can be the hit of the tailgate party with these Lumipic Cornhole Lights. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to get a high quality cornhole set from Cornhole.com while you are at it. Let them know you heard about them from TailgatingIdeas.com. Happy cornholing!

Pub WashersWhen it comes to tailgating games, throwing something through the air is the activity that seems to dominate the tailgating lot. Whether it is cornhole, ladder golf, beer pong or even original washers, tossing objects while pre-gaming is synonymous with tailgating. Now it is time to add Pub Washers into the mix as a great tailgating game option.

Pub Washers is a portable table top game made for indoor or outdoor play. Ideally suited for a tailgate party, Pub Washers is small enough to travel easily and is attractive enough for the home game room when your team is playing on the road. Unlike traditional washer toss games, Pub Washers is meant to be played on an elevated surface like a folding table or even the bed/tailgate of your truck. The ideal height is 29 inches above the ground which is the the standard height of most tables. Since Pub Washers has a smaller playing surface compared to traditional washer toss games you place on the ground, this tailgating game requires a little more aim and finesse. Another major difference is that you stand six (6) feet away from the front edge of the game box to make your throws. As you can see from the photos below, the carpeted scoring surface is encompassed by an attractive box with a trough to catch errant tosses. With Pub Washers, there is no more bending down and picking up washers off of a filthy tailgating parking lot. (Click images to view Pub Washer game board in larger detail.)

Pub Washers Front View

Pub Washers Side ViewPub Washers Rear ViewPub Washers Overhead ViewPub Washers Scoring Tower

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Last year we told you about YM Custom Grill Grates and how they can make a grill grate with NCAA school logos and mascots right on it. They also can do custom grill grates with your initials or corporate logo. (They even made one special for Playboy Magazine.) So in an effort to step my tailgating game up, so to speak, I decided to man up and buy one for myself. I use the Freedom Grill FG-50 when I go tailgating so I had the good folks at YM Custom Grill Grates make me a custom grill grate with my website logo to fit on my FG-50. It arrived yesterday and when I broke it out of the box I was thoroughly impressed. I had to snap a few photos which you see below. (Click the thumbnail photos to see a larger image.)



To get your own custom grill grate or to browse the 25 styles of collegiate licensed grill grates, visit YM Custom Grates. Keep in mind the NCAA and NFL season will get underway at the end of this month. You better get your order in before the season starts.

Videos: The Book of Beer Pong

Posted by Dave On August - 1 - 2009

No matter where you tailgate, the rules for beer pong (or Beirut) can differ as widely as the types of barbeque you can get down south. So in order to clear up any potential arguments that may arise, The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions written by Dan DiSorbo and Ben Applebaum should clear up any confusion. I have yet to get a copy of it but from the YouTube promotional videos it looks like it could be a good read. Memo to the publisher: Send me a copy and I will do a book review on it.

For more info on The Book of Beer Pong, visit the website (which is so cleverly named) thebookofbeerpong.com.

The Wonderful World of Beer Pong

Beer Pong Etiquette – “Empty Cups”

Beer Pong Etiquette – “The Wash Cup”

Video: How To Build Your Own Cornhole Board

Posted by Dave On July - 26 - 2009

Here’s a quick “How To” video on building your own cornhole board to meet official cornholing specs. The host refers to all the details being posted on his web page. Those specs can be found HERE so you don’t have to do your own Google search. If after watching this video it seems like too much work, you can always buy your own set of cornhole boards from cornhole.com.





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