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Super Bowl Watch Party Essential: The Stadium Pal

Posted by Dave On January - 27 - 2009

If you are like most Americans, you’ll be spending a good portion of this coming Sunday eating, drinking and watching the Super Bowl. Watching the Super Bowl at home or at a party presents a unique dilemma. When to make a bathroom break? There is a product out there that solves the following problems. 1) You normally are consuming more beer than you would watching a normal game, therefore more trips to the bathroom. 2) Most of us use commercial breaks to hit the bathroom but with the Super Bowl, the commercials are usually just as entertaining as the game. 3) If at a Super Bowl party, there are normally more guests than there are bathrooms which translates into waiting in line. So what’s a guy to do? Get yourself a Stadium Pal, a.k.a. a Stadium Buddy, and never miss a snap or gratuitous Candice Michelle GoDaddy.com commercial. Simply put, the Stadium Pal is a portable and self-contained restroom/urinal system that allows you to relieve yourself without leaving your spot on the couch. It might seem gross but it sure beats missing the game or wearing Depends. The Stadium Pal consists of three simple components: The Male External Catheter worn like a condom, a flexible hose with connector, latex free straps and a collection bag (holds 1000 ml) complete with drain valve. The leg bag system can be worn on the inner calf and is completely hidden beneath loose fitting jeans or pants. (Don’t wear shorts and expect not to be found out, jackass.) When the bag gets full, it will probably be halftime and you’ll have plenty of time to wait in line to empty it. With the Super Bowl halftime show toned down after Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction you really aren’t missing much. Check out David Sedaris on David Letterman talking about the Stadium Pal. Funny and informative.

You can get your own Stadium Pal from BioRelief.com for under 30 bucks. And don’t worry ladies, the also make “The Stadium Gal” for you too. Enjoyed this post? You may also like these:


Sholf 2.0 Design Now Available

Posted by Dave On January - 26 - 2009

Have you had a chance to play Sholf yet? If not you are really missing out on a fun and unique tailgating game. We discovered Sholf over a year ago and liked the game so much that we currently offer them on our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com.

Last month we told you that a new design for the Sholf game was coming out in January. Well, January is here and we just heard from the manufacturer that the new design has been approved and is available for sale once again. Take a look at the new design below.


Sholf 2.0 Design


BBQ Brick: An Effective Charcoal Alternative

Posted by Dave On January - 16 - 2009

BBQ Brick charcoal alternativeNo matter what side of the charcoal vs. gas debate you land, many on the pro-charcoal camp will argue the overall flavor of meat grilled over charcoal tastes better. If you happen to be a charcoal until the day you die tailgater you are probably looking for that charcoal taste but without all the hassles inherently associated with charcoal. The long wait time for coals to get hot and the disposal of coals is the main factor preventing more from using charcoal while tailgating. I recently discovered a charcoal alternative that cuts down on the starting time and the time you need to wait for charcoal to cool off for safe handling. It’s called the BBQ Brick. (Click images to see greater detail)

When I first received the BBQ Brick, I was curious on how it was supposed to be better than traditional charcoal. Their claim was that it lights faster, gets hotter quicker, provides two hours of cooking time and is easier to clean up. Sounds like a winner all the way around but I had to test it out for myself.

BBQ Brick charcoal alternativeThe directions say to light the brick in the middle where one of the crosses is located and to allow air ventilation to flow from the bottom. I used all four of the bricks and placed them in a square formation. I lit one of the bricks in the middle cross area and it ignited across the top of the brick. As I moved the flame to another brick I noticed that the first brick would then catch the adjoining brick on fire as well. Although I was prepared to light each individual brick, I found I did not need to. As long as the other bricks were touching the original brick, one match will light the whole batch.

Now with all four bricks lit, I left them alone for about 15 minutes to heat up per the manufacturer’s instructions. After 15 minutes I found the tops of the bricks to be gray and the holes to be a glowing reddish color. I held my hand over the grill to test the heat coming off and it felt hot enough to start cooking. I threw on some brats and started grilling. The BBQ Brick behaved just like charcoal and even the normal flame ups you get when meat juices drip down occurred with the BBQ Brick. The main difference was that I was cooking 15 minutes after I had lit them whereas with normal charcoal I would probably have been still waiting for them to heat up.

BBQ Brick charcoal alternativeAfter the brats were done the BBQ Bricks were still hot so I cooked three 1/4 pound hamburger patties as well. The BBQ Brick was still pumping out the heat after the burgers were done and although I considered grilling up more meat to have for lunches or whatever for the coming week, I decided against it. I wanted to see how long it would take the BBQ Brick to cool off and ash away.

After about two hours of constant heat, the BBQ Bricks started to cool down and ash chunks started falling off. The heat they were giving off was not hot enough to cook on but still too hot to handle safely without pouring water on them. I came back after about 30 minutes and the bricks were almost completely burned out and had turned to ash. A few taps on the old grill and the bricks fell to pieces and I was able to scoop out the ashes and dispose of them properly.

BBQ Brick charcoal alternativeMy experience with the BBQ Brick was just as the manufacturer said it would be. They lit quickly and became hot in about 15 minutes. They remained hot for about two hours and while cooking, they behaved exactly like regular charcoal. They cooled down quickly after the two hours of cooking and the ashes were easy to dispose of too. Overall, if you are a die-hard charcoal tailgater, the BBQ Brick is worth a try. You do not lose any of that charcoal flavor while still getting the benefits of quicker ignition and faster burnout time. The portability of the BBQ Brick makes it ideal for tailgating as well.

To learn more about the BBQ Brick, visit their website or find a retailer near you by emailing [email protected]


iBreath – The Breathalyzer For Your iPhone or iPod

Posted by Dave On January - 5 - 2009

Ever since the iPhone hit the market there have been a number of apps to make it more fun and functional. We here at Tailgating Ideas have been detailing those that would be useful to tailgaters. I recently came across an accessory that plugs into your iPhone or iPod that contains both an FM transmitter and a breathalyzer. Check out the video.

Now you can see if you have had too much to drink after tailgating. If that is the case, no worries. Just tune in your favorite FM radio station and rock out until the cab arrives.

Get your own iBreath for less than 80 bucks.

Sizzle-Q Makes Your Tailgating Grill Limitless

Posted by Dave On December - 31 - 2008

We as tailgaters love grilling. Grilling is what makes tailgating unique and sets it apart from any other outdoor activity. Inherently grilling does have its limitations on what foods you can cook. You can’t fry an egg or make pancakes on your regular grill grate. Those types of foods will slip through and you need a flat surface to prepare them. I recently discovered the Sizzle-Q, made by Little Griddle Inc., that solves that problem and makes your gas grill limitless. Check out these short demo videos.

I tried out the Sizzle-Q this past weekend and cooked a pound of bacon and a dozen eggs. Although the company that makes the Sizzle-Q, Little Griddle, makes all different sizes, I found the Sizzle-Q was the perfect size for tailgating purposes. The Sizzle-Q is 18″ wide x 13″ deep x 3″ high and it fit perfectly on my Freedom Grill FG-50. I found the Sizzle-Q to be so versatile and easy to use I plan to make it a permanent item on my tailgating gear list for future tailgates. Having the option of grilling on a flat surface while tailgating is fantastic and now there are no limitations on what types of food I can bring and eat while tailgating.

The Sizzle-Q and the range of Griddle-Q products are all made of stainless steel so they won’t rust or peel. All Griddle-Qs and Sizzle-Qs have welded cross-bracing on the bottom for added stability and allows for quick heating of the top surface. Simply place it on your grill, heat to your desired temperature and start cooking. Clean-up was a breeze too. I got a cleaning kit to go with my Sizzle-Q and clean up took less than 90- seconds. It honestly was that easy.

Sizzle-Q Fajitas

An extra added bonus of discovering the Sizzle-Q is that I plan on using it at home too. Many of my loyal readers already knew I grew up in the San Diego area. While growing up there I developed a love for Mexican food. One of my favorite breakfast dishes is chorizo and eggs. It tastes great but my wife can not stand the smell of it when it is cooking. It typically will leave a lingering smell in the house for hours and would make my wife feel ill. Now that I have the Sizzle-Q, I can make chorizo con huevos anytime. I’ll just place it on my built-in BBQ in the backyard there will be no smell in the house.

Just think of all the foods you can now cook while tailgating if you had a Sizzle-Q or Griddle-Q. Scrambled eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, fajitas, quesadillas, french toast, stir fry, etc. The possibilities are endless. No matter what size your tailgating grill, there is a Sizzle-Q or Griddle-Q to fit your needs. Measure your grill’s cooking surface and allow 1/2″ for air flow. Here is the break down of the different models available:

  • Sizzle-Q 180 – 18″ wide x 13″ deep x 3″ high (Made of 14 gauge 430 Stainless Steel. Highly portable and makes the perfect tailgating accessory) – $69.99 + $15 flat rate shipping
  • Griddle-Q 12S – 12″ wide x 13.5″ deep x 4″ high (Fits great on large Big Green Egg as well as regular gas grills) $159.99 + $17 flat rate shipping
  • Griddle-Q 120 – 12″ wide x 16″ deep x 4″ high (This size you can griddle on one side and still Grill on the other side) $164.99 + $18 flat rate shipping
  • Griddle-Q 210 – 21″ wide x 13.5″ deep x 4″ high (Full-sized Griddle-Q for complete meals on one cooking surface) $189.99 + $20 flat rate shipping
  • Griddle-Q 235 – 23.5″ wide x 16″ deep x 4″ high (Full-sized Griddle-Q for bigger gas grills) $199.99 + $24 flat rate shipping
  • Griddle-Q 260 – 26″ wide x 14.75″ deep x 4″ high (Full-sized Griddle-Q for even bigger gas grills for maximum cooking surface) $209.99 + $25 flat rate shipping

All sizes and designs of the Sizzle-Q and Griddle-Q are available directly from our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com. Buy Sizzle-Q / Little Griddle by clicking HERE.




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