• Tailgaters Training Day

    Since tailgating is in “off-season”, it’s all about next year and what you can do to take your tailgating and your team to the next level. A few thought starters . . . to get the juices flowing. Look at the NFL calendar—did you notice that Halloween is on Sunday this year? HUGE for NFL… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap-Up #95: New Look Design Edition

    If you are reading this in your RSS reader or received this in an email via RSS, you’ll probably be a bit confused. If you are reading this while visiting the website but are not a regular reader or visitor, you’ll probably be confused as well. Cut to the chase, we have undergone another design… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap-Up #94 : Drill Blender Edition

    This has got to be one of the worst “commercials” for a great tailgating product. It’s like watching a train wreck but you can’t look away. I have a Boat Blender myself and will admit that before I got my ETQ 1800i portable generator I used it to make blender drinks in the parking lot… Read more »

  • 50% Off Omaha Steaks Until March 4th

    Because we as tailgaters like to grill, I get tons of press releases in regards to grilling accessories, tools, sauces, etc. Normally I discard them because I know all they are trying to do is a get a little free pub. Also, if I don’t know the product and the manufacturer is unwilling to send… Read more »

  • Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #81: Snow Bunny Edition

    It’s inescapable. I’m talking about the Winter Olympics in Vancouver going on right now. Whether it is highlights on your local news channel, your favorite NBC sit-com being bumped for that awful tape delayed coverage or that annoying dude at work that wants to talk to you about it, the Olympics are everywhere right now…. Read more »