• Weekend Wrap #51: Post-Valentine’s Day Edition

    Hopefully you and your wallet survived Forced Affection Day Valentine’s Day. There is nothing like a day wrought with indecision based on what and how much you should buy your significant other on February 14th. Do you risk looking like a cheapskate and hedge on the low end? After all, we are in a recession… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #50: Recruiting Class Edition

    So this past week was National Letter of Intent signing day. That’s when all the high school punks who think they have a legitimate shot at going to the NFL make their choice of school known to the world. The fact that high school kids are holding drama filled press conferences and putting on the… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap #49: One For The Thumb Edition

    I’ll admit it. I watched Super Bowl XLIII on TV like the majority of you all. I also caught some of the pre-game festivities on NBC today which also included the cameras capturing what the NFL labeled “Tailgate 2009”. As the cameras panned in and out of the band Journey, complete with replacement lead singer,… Read more »