• Granny Flabongo

    We came across this photo while checking out the Flabongo Facebook Fan Page and found it to be pretty awesome. Not only does it look as though this senior citizen is tailgating a Jimmy Buffet concert but is also enjoying a Flabongo before heading inside. Just goes to prove, you are never too old to… Read more »

  • Tailgating Training Camp

    So I hear football is back or at least it will be by week’s end.  Nothing is final until the fat, shirtless guy in Row 1 sings, but I am confident. The teams and players have their to do list.  Since tailgaters are part of the team we need a to-do list as well…a.k.a. another… Read more »

  • Video: Hitler Reacts to OSU Tailgating Rumor

    Unless this is your first time on the internet in about 2 years, you have probably seen those “Hitler Reacts to” internet meme videos. Well you knew it was just a matter of time before one popped up regarding tailgating. This one apparently was inspired by this Oklahoma State forum thread discussing the possibility of… Read more »

  • Bring On The Promotion

    We (or at least I do) are always complaining about our jobs.  To me the complaining is warranted otherwise they wouldn’t call work, work. So you are probably thinking to yourself, yeah, yeah, works sucks but what does it have to do with tailgating.  Well…did you ever stop and think about how tailgating and your… Read more »

  • NFL Lockout Tailgating Alternatives

    With the conclusion of each NFL season comes the same cold splash of disappointment, false hope for next year and the empty feeling one has while putting away the tailgating gear for another year. With Memorial Day on the horizon and the summer months ahead, this normally is the time tailgaters start getting fired up… Read more »