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Video: Louisville Chugger Fail at Buffalo Bills tailgate

Posted by Dave On September - 17 - 2015

The practice of doing The Louisville Chugger while tailgating is becoming more and more commonplace. The Louisville Chugger fails are becoming more and more commonplace too. We’ve all seen those DirecTV commercials where celebrities claim to have an alter ego that has cable TV and they implore you to “don’t be like this me”.

When tailgating, don’t be like this guy…

The Booze Smuggling Checklist for Tailgating Season

Posted by Dan Stern On September - 1 - 2015

We’ve all been there.  You and I have both tried to smuggle booze into an event at some point in our lives. Whether it’s at an NFL game or a college game, smuggling alcohol will always be better for your wallet than spending $10 on a beer.  Plus, it’s just fun to do.  Tailgating season is finally upon us, so check out this list of booze smuggling gadgets, and start making your game plan!


  1. The Sunscreen Flask 
Sunscreen Flask Petco Park

Sunscreen Flask at a San Diego Padres game

Perfect for those early games where the sun’s still shining and it doesn’t look sketchy to bring in!  Note: do not try this in December.


2. Tampon Shots 

Tampon Flask

Sorry guys, for ladies only.  But wow that’s a good idea.  Use all season long!


3. Secret Flask Scarf

Sippin Scarf

Sneaky, sneaky.  Perfect for those cold weather games. 6 bottles too? Yesss!


4. Flask Tie

Courtesy of Wear Your Beer

Courtesy of Wear Your Beer

You get to look fresh and fancy while getting drunk.  What’s better than that?


5. The Wallet Flask

Courtesy of RefinedGuy

Courtesy of RefinedGuy

They’ll never check in there.


6. Binocular Flask

Courtesy of HomeWetBar

Courtesy of HomeWetBar

You can see up close, and take a shot at the same time. Greatest invention ever.


7. Resealable Caps for Water Bottles

Camo Caps before and After

This is a timeless classic.  Security won’t know what hit ’em.


What else do you use to sneak alcohol into these games?  Let us know in the comments!

(This is a post by Dan Stern of East Coast Cornhole. Dan attended college at the University of Maryland where he perfected his tailgating style and his cornhole technique. He currently owns and operates the website eccornhole.com offering unique and customized cornhole sets for sale.)

College Football Tailgating is coming in nine days

Posted by Dave On August - 25 - 2015

College football tailgating is coming in nine days

Shotgun chug a beer challenge to strike out PMS

Posted by Dave On August - 21 - 2014

Get involved people. Use hashtags #strikeoutPMS #chugabeerchallenge and #shotgunchallenge on social media to raise awareness.

Luke Bryan Drunk Guy Gif

Image of drunken jackass tailgater falling down courtesy of Deadspin

Concert tailgaters tend to be a different breed. Concert tailgating is a lot more of high volume and rapid delivery of alcoholic beverages and not a lot of grilling and food consumption like you see for sporting event tailgating.

Those in Pittsburgh were treated to a Luke Bryan concert and with it came a lot of tailgating. This poor dude probably spent a ton of money on his ticket and never made it into the concert. And to add to it, the WWE fans will appreciate this remix dubbed from the WPXI’s 11 pm news report.





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